Provincial Development and Reform Commission investigates Large Power's military and civilian integration program

Jan 18, 2019   Pageview:260

Li Xiaoping, the director of economy and defense coordination department of Guangdong Development and Reform Commission, investigated Dongguan Large Electronics Co, Ltd. (Large Electronics) military and civilian integration program with investigating group. He focused on the department of military and civil integration and lithium ion battery engineering institute.

On the symposium, Zhu Yun, the GM of Large Electronics, reported the schedule of military and civilian integration program and answered the questions of development strategy and realization.

Large Electronics military and civilian integration department was founded in November, 2015. Based on President Xi’s theory of technology makes strong army, the department pursuits unique value of products, and goes ahead on the way of military and civilian integration creatively, which is supported by sales strategy of digital operation center and technology of special Li-ion battery engineering institute.

As for concrete measure, the department gradually steps on the road of military and civilian integration marketing, focuses on internet operating and custom service, sticks to the quality policy of super reliable and super safe, and builds up a technical team of industrial design, electronic, power supply, software, structure, process, measurement and control, electrochemistry, etc. After two-year practice, the department has had a core competence of quick response and great assurance, and improves greatly on aerospace, missile carrier device, military weapon, satellite navigation, etc. Recently, customers of military products are over one hundred families including military holding company, institutionalization troops, other military qualified private enterprises and scientific institution in university on military.

The investigating group paid more attention on the development concept of Large Electronics on integrated innovation and unique value, and satisfied on the result of this investigation. As the representative of the investigating group, Li Xiaoping was looking forward for new progress of Large Electronics military civilian integration.