21 Years' Battery Customization
Low Temperature 18650 Cell with Puncture Test
Low Temperature LiFePO4 3.2V 20Ah
Low Temperature High Energy Density 18650 3350mah
Exia/Exd Explosion-proof Cell
Low Temperature LiFePO4 26650 3300mAh
Low Temperature Polymer Cell

Low Temperature Cylindrical Series

  • 低温圆柱系列

Low Temperature Polymer Series

  • 低温聚合物系列

Low Temperature Square Aluminum Case Series

  • 低温方形铝壳系列

Special Explosion-proof Polymer Series

  • 特种防爆聚合物系列

Wide Temperature Polymer Series

  • 宽温聚合物系列

Special Battery Customization

Customize Battery for Special Purpose to Meet Your Unique Demand.

Core Technology

  • High Energy Density/High Temperature
    High Rate/High Safety

    Volume energy density 700 watt-hours/liter
    100C continuous discharge, 80℃ high temperature continuous 200 cycles
    Pass puncture, heavy impact and other safety tests.

  • Low Temperature Charging Low Temperature Discharging

    - 40℃ Low Temperature 0.2C Charging,Charge and discharge over 300 cycles
    - 50℃ low temperature discharge,over 75% capacity retention ratio

  • Explosion- proof

    190~200Wh/kg High Energy Density
    Meet Ex ia\ib IIA\IIB T1~T4 explosion-proof standards.
    Pass puncture, heavy impact and other safety tests.

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