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What is a 12V Lithium Battery?

12V lithium battery is a lithium battery pack composed of 3 or 4 lithium batteries in series. The capacity of the battery is determined by the capacity of the single cell and the number of cells in parallel. It is a new kind of safe and environmental rechargeable battery.

12V Lithium Battery Classification

12V lithium batteries are divided into 12V lithium ion battery, 12V lithium iron phosphate battery, 12V cylindrical lithium battery and 12V lithium polymer battery according to the materials and packaging.

A 12V lithium-ion battery is connected in series by three or four lithium-ion batteries. The capacity of the battery pack depends on the capacity of a single cell, or the capacity of the batteries in parallel. It is a new kind of safe and environmental protection battery.

  • Battery capacity
  • There is no standard capacity. It is determined according to the specific requirements of electrical appliances or equipment. The general capacity is: 2200mAh, 5Ah, 10Ah. Some electric vehicles can reach 20Ah, or 50Ah. The more batteries are connected in parallel, the larger the capacity is.

  • Volume
  • 12V lithium battery volume depends on the battery capacity, and it has no uniform specification. The bigger the battery, the larger the volume is.

  • Weight
  • Nowadays, a lot of equipment needs a large capacity, light weight lithium battery. Take electric cars for example, they used to use lead-acid batteries, but now many electric cars change into lithium batteries because of the large capacity, light weight and small volume.

  • Charging and discharging current
  • The charging and discharging current of a lithium battery is determined by the power of the device. On the basis of constant voltage, the more power the device has, the more current it needs to output.

    12V lithium iron phosphate battery is a battery pack consisting of four lithium iron phosphate cells connected in series. Lithium iron phosphate cell is a lithium cell using lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as the positive electrode material. The nominal voltage is 3.2V, the maximum charging voltage of the single cell is less than 3.9V, and the minimum discharge voltage is more than 2.0V.

    12V LiFePO4 Battery Advantages

    • 12V lithium iron phosphate battery has long life. Lithium iron phosphate batteries can be used for seven to eight years under the same conditions.
    • Safe usage: 12V lithium iron phosphate batteries have passed rigorous safety tests and will not explode even in a traffic accident.
    • Fast charge: The battery can be fully charged after 40 minutes of 1.5C charging by using a special charger.
    • 12V lithium iron phosphate battery can withstand high temperature. 12V lithium iron phosphate battery hot air value can reach 350 to 500℃.
    • 12V lithium iron phosphate battery is environmental friendly, non-toxic, pollution-free and cheap with wide source of raw materials.

    Lithium polymer battery is developed on the basis of liquid lithium ion battery. Its anode and cathode materials are the same as liquid lithium ion battery, but it uses gel electrolyte and aluminum plastic film for outer packing. Polymer lithium battery is also known as LiPo battery.

    12V lithium polymer battery has a nominal voltage of 12V and is widely used in digital products, power tools, special wearable devices, etc.

    12V Lithium Polymer Battery Advantages

    • Higher energy density
    • Better safety performance
    • Flexible design and customable appearance
    • Nice discharge performance
    • Simple PCM design

    12V Lithium Ion Battery Price

    12 V lithium battery price mainly composes of cell, PCM and case. At the same time due to the power consumption and current of the electric appliances, the material of the connection strap between the cells (conventional nickel sheet, forming nickel, copper nickel clad sheet, jumper, etc.) will affect the cost. Different connector (such as special plugs, from ten yuan to thousands of yuan) may affect the cost a lot. What’s more, different pack technology can also affect the cost.

  • Cell
  • Due to different anode material of lithium ion batteries is, there will be lithium manganese (3.6 V), lithium cobalt oxides (3.7 V / 3.8 V), NCM (3.6 V), lithium iron phosphate (3.2 V), lithium titanate (2.3 V / 2.4 V) and other material system. The batteries with different material system have different voltage platform, safety coefficient, recycling times, energy density ratio and working temperature, so it have different prices.

  • Brand
  • Different lithium battery brands have obviously different prices, mainly because the quality of brand cell (safety, consistency, stability, production process, etc.) is basically proportional to the price.

  • Capacity
  • In the case that 12V lithium battery voltage is determined, the larger the capacity, the higher the cost will be, and the higher the price will be.

  • PCM quality and circuit design
  • Good quality lithium battery use high quality electronic components and PCM. It also has multiple protection circuit design to improve the charge and discharge circuit, and has the design of constant temperature, constant voltage, overcharge, over discharge, over current and short circuit, etc. to create a safe environment for you and be good for the use of your equipment, so the price will be affected by the above factors.

    12V Lithium Battery Pack

    A 12V lithium battery pack is a lithium battery pack consisting of three or four lithium batteries in series and several lithium batteries in parallel, so the capacity of a 12V lithium battery can be customized.

  • Common Capacity of 12V Lithium Battery Pack
  • 4Ah, 5Ah, 7Ah, 8Ah, 9Ah, 10Ah, 12Ah, 17Ah, 18Ah, 20Ah, 30Ah,40Ah, 50Ah, 100Ah, 200Ah, etc.

  • 12V DC Lithium Battery
  • 12V DC lithium battery stabilizes the output voltage at about 12V through the conversion of boosted/step-down circuit, so as to meet the requirement of constant voltage working equipment. It is a DC battery with standard specifications. It has universal and compatible characteristics, which can be changed to meet the requirements of different electrical equipment.

    12V Lithium Battery Applications

    • Lighting industry: solar street lamp, solar insecticidal lamp, solar yard lamp, solar energy storage power supply, etc.
    • Power field: power tools, robot, AGV, vacuum cleaner, electric sprayer, RC, etc.
    • Consumer electronics: Bluetooth speaker, loudspeaker, LED and various electronic equipment, etc.
    • Energy storage: communication base station, data center, home energy storage, wind power storage, photovoltaic power generation, etc.
    • Special fields: medical equipment, security power, special equipment, etc.

    12V Lithium Battery Charger

    12V lithium battery charger is specially designed to charge the 12V lithium battery. Lithium ion battery has a high requirement on charger and needs protection circuit. Therefore, lithium battery charger usually has a high control precision and can charge lithium ion battery at constant current and constant voltage.

    • 12.6V 7A Lithium Battery Charger

      12.6V 7A Lithium Battery Charger Input voltage:100-240V,50-60Hz Output voltage:12.6V Output current:7A Product application: Three 11.1V lithium battery packs connected in series

    • 11.1V 5A LiFePO4 Battery Charge

      11.1V 5A LiFePO4 Battery Charger Input voltage:100-240V,50-60Hz Output voltage:11.1V Charging temperature: 0 ~ 45℃ Output current:5A

      Product application:Three 9.6V LiFePO4 Battery connected in series

    Lead acid battery charger is generally set to two or three stage charging mode. 12V lithium battery and lead acid battery voltage level is not matched. There are different kinds of lithium battery. Battery performance and battery PCM parameters may not be the same. Therefore, unlike lead acid batteries, there is no universal battery charger. Generally speaking, 12V lithium battery is equipped with a special charger, in order to protect the lithium battery, it is better to use the corresponding lithium battery special charger.

    12V Lithium Battery Cautions

    • Charging Method

      The charger used for 12V lithium battery charging should conform to the characteristics of three stages lithium battery charging, which need to have and complete three stages of pre-charging, constant current charging and constant voltage charging. For this reason, the original 12V lithium battery charger is better. When the original charger is damaged, do not blindly buy other chargers to charge the 12V lithium battery.

    • Ambient temperature

      When charging 12V lithium battery, the ambient temperature should not exceed 0~40℃.

    • Charging cutoff voltage

      12V lithium polymer battery charging cutoff voltage is 12.6V. Balanced charging mode is needed to ensure that the voltage of single cell will not exceed 4.2V.

    • Charging current

      If it is not urgent, it can be charged with 0.2C, and the current generally cannot exceed 1C.

    • Ambient temperature

      Discharge state is the working state of 12V lithium battery, and the temperature is required to be -20~60℃.

    • Discharge cut-off voltage

      12V lithium polymer battery discharge cut-off voltage standard is 8.25V. Some can be set to 9V.

    • Discharge current

      12V lithium polymer battery also has large current, large capacity and other types. Lithium polymer battery that can carry out high power discharge needs to control the current within the scope of the product specifications.

    • Charging current

      If it is not urgent, it can be charged with 0.2C, and the current generally cannot exceed 1C.

    It is better for 12V lithium ion battery to store 40 to 60 percent power, which, of course, is impossible to maintain all the time. Mobile phone, for example, usually is used until it is prompted to charge. 12V lithium battery will also be affected by self-discharge. Long-term self-discharge will cause over discharge, therefore, we need to make preparations for 12V lithium battery self-discharge.

    • Regular charging

      Charge the 12V lithium battery regularly to keep the voltage between 10.8V and 11.7V. The lithium battery has no memory effect and can be charged at any time.

    • Make sure that the discharge cut-off voltage is not within the working range. If it has insufficient power, you need to stop using decisively and charge the battery.

    Lithium Battery VS Lead Acid Battery

    Since the appearance of lithium battery, it has gradually replaced the market position of lead acid battery. The most widely used 12V battery has also changed from lead acid to lithium battery. So what are the advantages of lithium battery compared with lead-acid battery?

    Item Lithium Battery Lead Acid Battery
    Weight Light Weight and Good Portability Heavy Weight and Not Easy to Carry Out
    Environmental Friendly No Pollution Contain Plenty of Heavy Metal
    Service Life Long Life Short Life
    Charge Fast Charge Slow Charge
    Energy Density High Energy Density Only a Quarter of That of Lithium Battery

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