20 Years' Battery Customization

Company Profile

Dongguan Large Electronics Co., LTD., founded in 2002, is a national high-tech enterprise providing
customized solutions and products for special lithium battery
systems for global users.

  • 20Years
    Lithium Battery
  • 60+
    R&D Team
  • 6000+
  • 100million+
    Delivery of Lithium
    Battery Modules

LARGE has advanced customized research and development, professional manufacturing and outstanding supply chain. The technical center of the company includes industrial design, electronics, power supply, software, structure, process, measurement and control, electrochemistry, opto-mechatronics, signal processing, instrumentation and other professional technical categories. The technical team has more than 60 people, including 7 professors and experts, 1 associate professor and 12 senior engineers.

LARGE testing center includes safety laboratory, environmental laboratory, ecology laboratory, power laboratory, electrical performance laboratory and photovoltaic energy storage laboratory, which can independently complete the whole project testing and certification of raw/auxiliary materials, spare parts and battery modules. The company's aging center has established the most complete aging system from 20V/10A, 40V/20A, 60V/30A, 80V/40A to 100V/100A in the industry.

Based on advanced lithium application technology, relying on South China University of Technology, Central South University, Dongguan University of Technology, National Chemical Power Quality Inspection Center and other partners, LARGE has introduced, cultivated and jointly developed independent core technologies, and has the core scientific research capacity of lithium customization service.

LARGE existing lithium customized solutions and products are widely used in high-energy physics, railway infrastructure, public security, power communication, medical electronics, commercial finance, security communication, transportation logistics, exploration and mapping, photovoltaic energy storage and 3C consumer electronics,etc. LARGE has a comprehensive long-term in-depth strategic cooperation with Motorola, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Varta, Foxconn, Mindray, Changhong and so on, successfully makes a satisfactory value contribution for the majority of users.

LARGE looks forward to the future with an open vision and continues to deepen strategic cooperation worldwide. In the face of the ever-changing personalized, diversified and international needs of global users, LARGE is committed to constantly improve the ability of in-depth customized research and development for users with special environment, special performance and special requirements, and unswervingly uphold the service policy of "on-demand development - 8H response - 24H door-to-door - lifelong maintenance". We are committed to providing more competitive lithium customized solutions and products to global users, and work together with global users and partners to pursue common development.

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