22 Years' Battery Customization

Special Lithium Battery

Large Power provides the most complete standard special lithium batteries in battery industry.

From raw materials to finished products, batteries are designed and produced seriously according to related standard. We have special flow production and high-end precise instrument. Our product qualified rate is 100%.

  • Large Power has passed National High-tech Enterprise Certificate.

  • Our products have passed UL, CE, FCC, ETC.

  • Adopt imported brand cell (such as Panasonic, SANYO) or special customized lithium-ion battery, which is safe and reliable.

  • The battery is sturdy, durable, safe, reliable, waterproof and dustproof. It has novel style, strong weather ability and secrecy.

  • Our batteries are widely used in special laptop, man-pack device, backup power of special communication, image transmission equipment, distance-measuring equipment, special communication device, special portable power source, handhold device, special robot, etc.

Why Large Power

  • 22 Years’ Experience in Custom Solutions
  • Over 60 People’s in R&D Team
  • Over 3000 Successful Cases
  • International Product Certifications

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