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7.2V 2150mAh Battery Design Scheme of Special Navigator

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Foreword: BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (CNSS) is a global positioning and communication system made in China, which is the third maturespecial system after American global positioning system (GPS) and Russia GLONASS.

Since China has developed BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, Large Power has invented the handheld device battery of this system at the same time. This navigator battery is suitable for vehicle application and has come out on the market. Large Power adopts developed lithium iron phosphate battery technology on the navigator battery schemes, which makes the battery have outstanding endurance capability. Compared to domestic common GPS lithium ion battery, it contains characters of high capacity, stable charging and discharging performance, good cycle life, nice high-temperature & low-temperature performance and strong shock resistance.

Design requirements:

Ⅰ. The battery design requirements of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System:

According to the requirements of product specification and customers, the battery design of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System needs to assort with the host machine, and integrate high safety performance, good charging and discharging performance and outstanding long-term application reliability into the solutions.

Ⅱ. The battery design scheme of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System:

1)Guard plate (PCM): it is a protective circuit designed for rechargeable high capacity battery pack, which provides the battery with protective functions of overcharging, over-discharging, short circuit, overcurrent and over-temperature.

2)Protection IC: the chip has protective function in the design scheme. It can monitor the cell online at any time, so that the cell can work under safe, stable and efficient circumstance. TI BQ3060 intelligent chip has protective parameter of custom programming (Internal Integration FAE) communicating with host machine of navigator for accurate power display, temperature display, battery lifespan indication and charging &discharging status.

3)FUSE: it is a design for Secondary protective function. Fuse has overcurrent protective function. Apply fuse in battery can prevent insecure event of charging and discharging under large current.

4)Lithium ion battery: 18650/2150mAh/7.2V lithium iron phosphate battery

5)MOSFET: it works as a switch in the protective circuit.

6)Encapsulation of battery pack: the manufacture of external packing depends on customers’ requirements.

7)Anti-shock property: fill the interior battery by epoxy resin or neutral silica gel, which has resulted in advanced anti-shock property.

Design schematic


Product map



The yellow light is “P+”

The yellow light is “P-)

This is the home diagram of battery with aluminium alloy outer, and the product is based on sample.


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