22 Years' Battery Customization

Custom Wide Temperature Battery

Working temperature: -50℃ ~ +70℃
21 Years’Expertise in Custom Lithium-ion Battery Pack

Wide Temperature Battery



Wide Temperature Battery

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Wide Temperature Battery Manufacturer

Wide temperature battery can maintain over 85% of capacity at -40℃~65℃, and have features of high energy, large capacity, long life-span, environmentally friendly and recoverability.

  • Working temperature range: -50℃~70℃

  • Capacity retention ratio at -40℃: ≥85%

  • Capacity retention ratio at -50℃: ≥70%

  • It can automatically switch the working status between -50℃ and 70℃

  • After storing for 24 hours under high temperature, expansion rate of the battery≤3%, while capacity retention ratio≥95%

  • It can charge at -21℃

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