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What are differences between all-solid-state lithium battery and solid state lithium battery?

Nov 10, 2018   Pageview:4994

Solid batteries are not all solid electrolyte, some are liquid (mixture of liquid and solid depended on the mixing ratio).

All-solid-state lithium battery is a lithium battery with solid but no any liquid state electrode and electrolyte material under working temperature interval, so its full name is all-solid electrolyte lithium battery.

A real solid lithium ion battery has solid electrolyte, but there is still a little liquid electrolyte. Semi-solid state electrolyte includes half solid electrolyte, half liquid electrolyte, or half of the battery is solid state, half of it is liquid state. There is still a solid lithium ion battery containing mainly solid state and little liquid state.

As for solid-state lithium ion battery at home and abroad, it is continuous popular. America, Europe, Japan, Korea and China all invest in it with different purposes. For example, America invests mostly on small companies and startups. There are two wellbeing startups in America, one of which is S-akit3. Although it is still at initial stage, the driving distance can reach 500km.

America focuses on disruptive technology in small companies and startups, while Japan tends to research solid-state lithium ion battery. The most famous company in Japan is Toyota, which will realize commercialization in 2022. What Toyota produces is not all-solid-state lithium ion battery, but solid-state lithium ion battery.

The solid-state battery produced by Toyota has graphitic, sulphide electrolytes as cathode materials and high voltage anode. The capacity of single battery is 15 Ah, and voltage is dozens volts. It is possible to realize commercialization in 2022.

So Japan does not dedicate to disruptive technology, but uses the former anode and cathode on lithium ion battery. Korea is similar to Japan, having graphite cathode but not metal lithium. Actually, so does China. Because we have already large production line on lithium ion battery, there is no need to restart all together.


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