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Brief description of Tesla Powerpack Large Energy Storage System

Oct 29, 2019   Pageview:11688

Recently, overseas media reported that Tesla recently delivered a large Powerpack battery storage system, which will be installed in a glass container factory in Scotland to prevent the factory from being shut down due to power outages.

It is reported that this Powerpack system can be used to store power during the wave Valley electricity phase to obtain electricity with less electricity. In addition, electricity can be fed back to the grid to cope with the power outages caused by the excessive load of multiple pure electric vehicles charging at the same time.

Tesla Powerpack was built in early April, according to a joint release by Ardagh, the glass container maker, and the energy company ESBSmart Energy Services behind the project. This is a large Powerpack battery storage system with a capacity of 2 megawatts and is currently the largest energy storage system delivered by Tesla in the United Kingdom.

According to the person in charge of the project, this energy storage system solves power outages in two ways: First, the Powerpack battery energy storage system can store energy at times when the factory's electricity demand is low(usually the non-peak period of the public grid)., And provide power during intermittent power outages to ensure production demand; Second, the system can feed electricity back into the public grid when the storage capacity is too high, in order to supplement the electricity demand in the grid and ease the power supply pressure in the public grid. Such energy storage systems are still second to none in British manufacturing.

In addition to the United Kingdom, Tesla's Powerpack battery storage system has also been delivered in the United States, France, Australia and the Philippines, but the main role is to curb the impact of intermittent power outages on people's lives and production. In the future, when the number of pure electric vehicles is greatly increased, if a large number of pure electric vehicles are charged at the same time, the pressure on the public grid may be overwhelmed by the sudden increase in demand for electricity, similar to the emergence of the Powerpack battery energy storage system. It may be under the existing technology conditions. A more feasible solution to overall transformation of public grid.

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