22 Years' Battery Customization

13+ Specialized Laboratory

LARGE has set up professional laboratories including cell, battery, power supply, power tools and photovoltaic energy storage. The laboratory is equipped with advanced testing equipment and instruments, and can independently complete the whole project testing and certification of raw/auxiliary materials, spare parts and battery modules, and the testing technology reaches the international standard.

  • Safety Test Lab
    Safety Test Lab
    Test to evaluate battery safety under extreme abuse, damage, and other conditions
  • Physical & Chemical Lab
    Physical & Chemical Lab
    Evaluation of physical and chemical properties and element contents of various materials in power supply system
  • Electronic Lab
    Electronic Lab
    Evaluate the electrical and physical characteristics of electronic devices and test the mechanical performance and environmental requirements of electronic products.
  • Photovoltaic Energy Storage Lab
    Photovoltaic Energy Storage Lab
    Photovoltaic energy storage experiment, photovoltaic energy conversion energy storage experiment, photovoltaic cloud monitoring experiment
  • BMS Lab
    BMS Lab
    Evaluate and test the electrical and material characteristics of BMS
  • Electrical Performance Lab
    Electrical Performance Lab
    Evaluation of the charge-discharge performance of the battery at different ambient temperatures and at different rates of current
  • Materials Lab
    Materials Lab
    Development and modification of advanced energy storage materials
  • Electrical Simulate Lab
    Electrical Simulate Lab
    Simulate the actual environment and operating conditions of cells and batteries to assess their reliability and safety

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