22 Years' Battery Customization

Special Lithium Ion Battery Engineering Research Institute

6 experts,12 engineers

charge and discharge,low temperature high rate discharge,explosion-proof,lithium ion battery fast charge and other mature technology

6 professors and 12 engineers

About the Institute

The institute is jointly operated by Central South University, South China University of Technology and Dongguan University of technology. It is a special lithium ion battery research and development center, uphold the policy of "particular environment, special use and special performance requirements as the guidance, deep integration of production, education and research is driven by innovation", makes every effort to meet the needs of unique user, so as to create a unique value for the user.

Purpose of Research Institute

The institute is a research and development center for battery technology jointly established by universities and enterprises. The purpose of the institute is to solve the problems of the use of batteries in extreme environments and the development and application of cutting-edge energy storage materials, and to provide customized solutions for enterprise customers.

6 professors and 12 engineers

Technical Competence of Research Institute

Through the research and development of the technical team for many years, the institute has developed special lithium ion battery solutions, such as fast charging technology of lithium ion battery, explosion-proof technology, low temperature charging and discharging technology, low temperature and high rate discharging technology. Especially in the low temperature lithium ion battery technology, we have developed high-platform lithium ion batteries with 3-5C rate discharge capacity and retention rate above 75% at -40℃ and lithium ion batteries that can be charged and discharged at -40℃. We have owned independent intellectual property rights and a number of national invention patents.

Expert Team

The expert team of the institute includes measurement and control, electrochemistry, optoelectronics, power electronics, signal processing, instrumentation and other professional technical categories.

  • Zhou Gang
    Zhou Gang

    High performance electrode material and lithium ion,explosion-proof, low temperature battery.

  • Xue Jiaxian
    Xue Jiaxian

    Photovoltaic grid-connected inverter and its distributed power generation system, digitize switching power supply and intelligent control.

  • Yuan Wei
    Yuan Wei

    HigHydrogen and methanol fuel cells, lithium ion batteries and other issues.

  • Li Chengchao
    Li Chengchao

    The designed synthesis of new energy materials and research of energy storage

  • Li Chen
    Li Chen

    Lithium-ion battery materials, antibacterial agent, energy-saving luminescent material, lightweight materials of reactive extrusion and new rubber material

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