Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack
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    Customized R&D
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    24-hour Response
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The World's Leading Manufacturer of Custom Lithium ion battery Pack

Large Power is a Chinese high-tech enterprise which dedicated to the R&D, manufacture and sales of rechargeable lithium ion battery packs. Large Power was founded in 2002, with its factory in Guangdong, China.

Since its establishment, Large Power is committed to serve global portable power bank, storage energy battery pack, power battery pack, backup battery pack and special usage battery users. During 17 years development, Large Power has become a world's leading supplier of lithium ion battery pack.

  • 17 Years’ Experience in Custom Solutions

    Since its foundation in 2002, Large Power has been dedicated to provide the best custom lithium ion battery pack for worldwide users. And it has accumulated rich experience in lithium ion battery field.

  • Over 60 People’s in R&D Team

    Large Power’s technical center covers ID design, electronics, mechanism, software, electrochemistry, power source, workmanship, measurement, control, signal processing and so on.

  • Over 3000 Successful Cases

    Large Power’s custom lithium ion battery packs are widely used in military, medicine, finance, communication, security and protection, logistics, mining, photovoltaic and 3C consumer products.

  • International Product Certifications

    Custom lithium ion battery of Large Power is in compliance with IEC61960, IEC62133, IEEE-1725, UL2054, UL1642 standard and other international certifications.

R&D Team

Expert Team: include 9 professors and experts, 2 associate professors, 12 middle and senior title engineers, 2 of whom are from the national thousand talents program and 7 doctoral supervisors.
Team of the research institute: there are over 60 people. They have expertise in industrial design, electronics, power supply, structure, technology, software, measurement, control, electrochemistry and other professional technical categories.
Large Power has 99 patents, including 10 patents for invention, 39 for utility model, and 50 for appearance.

  • Wang Guoxiu

    Expert of Dongguan University of Technology, doctoral advisor, specially-invited expert of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts

    Research direction:Li-ion battery, Li-air Batteries, sodium-ion battery, lithium-sulfur battery, supercapacitor, hydrogen storage material, fuel cell, graphene and chemical functionalization ramification, etc.

  • Su Dawei

    Expert of Dongguan University of Technology, doctoral advisor, principal researcher of Sydney University of Technology

    Research direction: advanced energy storage and converting materials, including lithium ion battery, potassium-ion battery, sodium-ion battery, metal-air battery and lithium-sulfur battery materials.

  • Xue Jiaxiang

    Expert of Central South University, doctoral advisor

    Research direction:photovoltaic grid-connected inverter and its distributed power generation system, information processing technology and application, digitize switching power supply and intelligent control, intelligent sensor technology and networked measure & control, etc.

  • Li Chen

    Professor of Dongguan University of Technology

    Research direction: lithium-ion battery materials, antibacterial agent, energy-saving luminescent material, lightweight materials of reactive extrusion and new rubber material

Advanced Laboratory

Environmental Laboratory, Security Laboratory, Power Supply Laboratory, Ecology Laboratory, Aging Laboratory, Photovoltaic Energy Storage Laboratory

  • Environment Laboratory
  • Ecology Laboratory
  • Power Supply Laboratory
  • Electrical Performance Laboratory
  • Security Laboratory
  • Photovoltaic Energy Storage Laboratory

Developed System and Product Qualification

Enterprise certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000, BSCI, MFI, Wal-Mart certification

Military certification: Weapon Equipment Quality System Certification, Level-three Military Confidentiality Certificate of Scientific Research and Production Units of Weapons and Equipment, Scientific Research and Production Certification of Weapons and Equipment

Product certification: ROHS, REACH, CB, UL, FCC, CE, CQC, UN38.3, CCC, BSMI, PSE, KC

Product Quality and Security

Core component of lithium ion battery: Cell, BMS, Structural Component

Product liability insurance:Product liability insurance of Ping An Insurance (Group) Company, RMB30 million, Policy Certificate No: 10590003900575009566

Cell:Apply the cell of well-known international brands and self-developed special cell of Large Power

BMS:Adopts imported components with multiple protection functions of communication, equilibrium, reverse charging, temperature protection, overcharging, over-discharging, over-current and short circuit

Structure and process design:Based on users’ requirements, we adopt process of explosion-proof, waterproof, dustproof, flame retardant, triaxial vibration, multi-point molding junction, film heating and heat balance management to ensure the security, reliability and stability of the product.

  • Customized R&D
    Customized R&D
  • quick response within 24 hours
    24-hour Response
  • provide solution within 72 hours
    72-hour Solution
  • 10-year after-sales service
    10-year Maintenance

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