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What can I use instead of an 18650 battery-performance and replacement?

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18650 battery or lithium-ion cell is grouped by its size of 18mm by 65mm size. This is slightly bigger compared to AA battery. The batteries are frequently used in laptops, flashlights and high drain devices. This is because 18650 batteries have discharge rates and great capacity. Moreover, the rechargeable battery has 3.7voltage and mili-amp-hours between 1800 and 3500. Besides, they are classified into two types namely protected and unprotected. Finally, batteries are not dangerous to what size you prefer. However, they may become dangerous when overloaded, fast charging and using in enclosed cases.

Are there batteries better than 18650 batteries?

  • 21700 batteries

These are rechargeable lithium-ion cells which are used to power vaping accessories and flashlights. They are named like the other lithium-ion cells so as to identify compatibility and size. Best factor about 21700 batteries is that they may be have both unprotected and protected cells. Most people prefer 21700 batteries as an upgrade of 18650 available in high drain devices. These batteries are used in electric vehicles and power hybrid. You many wonder want makes 21700 better than 18650; the battery is slightly larger to the other. For this reason, it provides more runtime and power.

Many people confuse between 18650 and 26650 batteries. This is due to both being popular in flashlights and vaping. This battery has a large size of 26mm and 65mm making it to give more power. Additionally, it has more capacity that helps in running for long. Higher capacity may be used in VV vape mods. However, 26650 have a low charging voltage of 4.2V while 18650 charge up to a maximum voltage of 4.4v.

  • 20700 batteries

20700 batteries are classified by its size of 20mm and 70mm. the battery is bigger than 18650 battery hence it has a specialized cell’s size. 20700 batteries have high current and discharge rate at low operating temperature. This feature makes them to be the best choice for electronics and high drain devices. Most of them are used in scooters, vehicles, battery packs, cordless power tools and skateboards.


What are the most appealing performances of 18650 batteries?

  • Capacity

Everyone will select a battery with the highest capacity. 18650 have a capacity that falls between 1200mAh and 3600mAh. On the other hand, a general battery has capacity of 800. Also, the battery may break to 5000mah if broke into lithium battery pack.

3.2V 20Ah Low Temperature Square LiFePO4 Battery Cell
3.2V 20A Low Temp LiFePO4 Battery Cell -40℃ 3C discharge capacity≥70% Charging temperature:-20~45℃ Discharging temperature: -40~+55℃ pass acupuncture test -40℃ maximum discharge rate:3C

  • High security

18650 have great performance in security such as no burning, no explosion, RoHS-certified, nonpolluting and non-toxic. It has 500times number of cycles and good temperature resistance. Moreover, the battery has 100% discharge efficiency under 65degrees. Manufactures have separated the negative and positive poles to avoid battery short circuit. You can also include a protective plate to avoid over-discharging and overcharging. This procedure will help to increase the battery life.

  • Life span

18650 batteries have a life span of 500times cycle life in a normal use. This is twice times more compared to ordinary batteries.

  • Many uses

It is a significant lithium component that makes it to be used in consumer electronics. They are used in laptops, toys, digital cameras, walkie-talkies, model airplanes, audio equipment, instruments and portable DVDs. Besides, its strong energy has made it to be applied in automotive energy. These include old Tesla, zotye, Porsche, domestic Jianghuai, Guangzhou automobile and changan. Industries insiders argue that man models in future will use the battery.

  • High voltage

It has more voltage of 3.6V, 3.8V, and 4.2V when charged. This voltage is higher compared to 1.2 voltages of NiMH batteries and Nicd batteries.

  • Lack memory effect

18650 batteries are among the convenient batteries to use because they do not have memory effect.

  • Combination

The battery can be put together in parallel or series to create a lithium battery pack.

  • Small internal resistance

This is an important feature for it limits self-consumption and increase time of the battery.

Low Temperature High Energy Density Rugged Laptop Polymer Battery 11.1V 7800mAh
Low Temperature High Energy Density Rugged Laptop Polymer Battery Battery specification: 11.1V 7800mAh -40℃ 0.2C discharge capacity ≥80% Dustproof, resistance to dropping, anti - corrosion, anti - electromagnetic interference

Can you use AA battery instead of 18650 batteries?

Let us view the question in different aspect basing on size, capacity and voltage

  • Size

Ultimately, lithium batteries are given names according to their sizes. 18650 are 18mm and 65mm whereas AA batteries are 13.5- 14-5mmm and 49-51mm.AA batteries are put in loaded compartments hence difference of 1 or 2 mm will not affect.

  • Capacity

Greater capacity of AA batteries has 2850mAh. On the contrary, 18650 have a capacity from 1200mAh to 3600mAh. AA product is readily available, cheaper and many types of products fall in this range. 18650 batteries have the ability to be discharged 10 times more than AA. In such instance, Sony VTC5 is able to be discharged up to 25A without stopping. The energy density makes 18650 batteries better than AA. You can measure the energy density through taking the mAh

  • Voltage

NiCD or NiMh AA batteries have a common nominal voltage of 1.2 voltages to 1.5 voltages. 18650 batteries nominal voltage is 3.6V. For this reason, you will require 3 AA batteries into series configuration in order to get similar voltage like single 18650.

Generally, the best battery for the desired job can only be decided by the product’s manufacturers. For example, 18650 batteries is overkill in a remote TV because it is larger. Conversely, AA cannot be used for vaping in view of having a non-required energy density or output skill. The products are different and they are design for their own applications, characteristics and purpose. It is always recommended to contact the manufacture for further advice. This will help you to select the best battery for the purpose.


Markets offer many batteries that vary and have limits on their use. It is important to know more about your 18650 rechargeable batteries before you purchase one. Choosing the best battery is like burying vehicle. For instance, if you need an automobile to function with certain type of fuel, you will inquire from the dealer. You will see autos powered by gasoline, electricity and diesel. In similar way, you will consider features and performances of a battery prior to buying. Lastly, it is important to do research while selecting brands of unprotected and protected cells.


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