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How long can a super-capacitor charge fully? How does the super-capacitor charge?

Nov 10, 2018   Pageview:4582

What is a super-capacitor? In short, it is a battery with very small internal resistance.

It is very easy to charge super-capacitor. It is alright if charge within the spike voltage. As for discharging, the voltage is decreasing, while the current depends on load. The resistance of back-end load is chargeable, not constant. If it is stable, the current will cut down.

Super-capacitor is also called electrochemical capacitor, double electric layer capacitor, gold cap, TOKIN, etc. It is an electrochemical element storing energy by polarized electrolyte, which is popular in the 1970s and 80s.

Differing from traditional electrochemical power source, it is a power source with special performance between traditional capacitor and battery. Super-capacitor stores energy by double electrode layer and redox. However, there is no chemical reaction during energy storage process. The storage process is reversible, so the super-capacitor can recharge and re-discharge for 100 thousand times.

The details of the structure depend on the application of super-capacitor. The material may be different due to the manufacturer or special application requirement. The general characters of super-capacitors are that they all have one anode, one cathode and one separator between the electrodes. Electrolyte fills in the room separated by electrodes and separator.


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