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Many people call for new energy logistics car operating subsidies

Oct 29, 2019   Pageview:11379

Subsidies and road rights are two major obstacles to the application and promotion of new energy logistics vehicles. Focusing on the issue of subsidies, on this side, the industry anxiously waiting for the new energy vehicle subsidy policy retreat boots finally fall, the four ministries issued the "notice on adjusting and improving the new energy vehicle promotion and application of financial subsidy policy" mentioned that in 2018, the new energy logistics vehicle subsidy decline 43%, the production enterprises doubled the pressure; On that side, the downward pressure of subsidies is gradually transmitted to the operating end, and the voice of new energy logistics vehicle operating enterprises for subsidies is gradually rising.

Production is flourishing, operation is difficult. China sold 10,000 new energy commercial vehicles in April, up 158 percent year-on-year and 57 percent month-on-month, according to data released by the China association of automobile manufacturers. After the first quarter of the season is not light, April logistics car market began to recover volume. Sales of new-energy logistics vehicles broke 1,000, with a month-on-month increase of 48.6% and a year-on-year increase of nearly twice. Since February this year, the new energy logistics vehicle market has developed well.

On the other hand, it is also true that the enthusiasm of operating enterprises is not high. To some extent, it is because there is still a gap in operating capacity between new energy logistics vehicle products and fuel vehicles, and operating enterprises, as profitable units, need to pursue efficiency.

So why are subsidies always concentrated on the production side? Is the subsidy requirement of the operating company reasonable? How to make corresponding subsidy policy?

The production end of subsidy allocation is more operable

Why new energy logistics car subsidies concentrated in the production end? Jin wei, general manager of the Marketing Department of the above-ground railway rental car (shenzhen) co., LTD., said that since the state subsidies and local government subsidies are paid by the manufacturers in the early stage, the price of the new energy logistics car purchased by the operating end is the price after deducting the subsidies. From the point of view of subsidy allocation process, it is more operable to send directly to production enterprises.

Chengdu yajun new energy vehicle technology co., LTD. Deng huan also believes that the main body of the declaration of new energy logistics car subsidies is the production enterprise, but the flow of subsidies to the whole industry. "For example, the cost of a car is 250,000 yuan, according to the subsidy amount in 2017, the government subsidies 140,000 yuan, so the sales price is about 130,000 yuan. Deng huan stressed that the operation of enterprises to buy new energy logistics vehicles at a price lower than the cost, but in fact is indirectly enjoy the subsidies.

Compared with fuel vehicles, new energy logistics vehicles have certain advantages in operating costs.

Lin peng, sales director of Shanghai jietai new energy vehicles co LTD, told China automotive news that the cost of using new energy logistics vehicles is mainly related to charging fees. "We have roughly calculated that in the process of using new energy logistics vehicles, as long as the electricity price does not exceed 1.5 yuan/KWH, it will save 10% of the cost compared with fuel vehicles. If the electricity price is 1.0 yuan/KWH, the reduction will be extended to 50%."

Of course, some industry insiders said that with the increase of new energy logistics vehicles, the operation cost of new energy logistics vehicles is not lower than that of fuel vehicles. In response, Lin xiaohu, deputy general manager of zhejiang geely new energy commercial vehicle company, believes that some users put the purchase cost of vehicles in the first place, without considering the whole life cycle cost.

"The cost of vehicles is divided into purchase cost, various taxes and fees, and use cost. Some customers only see purchase cost and charging cost, so they feel that the use cost of new energy logistics vehicles is no lower than that of fuel vehicles. Said Lin xiaohu.

Subsidy slope operation cost advantage weakened

"Now, some express delivery companies use a lot of new energy logistics vehicles, and some even have thousands of vehicles." Geng wei, a senior researcher at the yto research institute, told China automotive news that in the actual operation process, the operating cost of new energy logistics vehicles is 0.1 to 0.2 yuan/km lower than that of fuel vehicles. In the short term, the purchase price and operation cost of new energy logistics vehicles will rise after the subsidy gradually declines, and their original operation cost advantages will be challenged.

"Operators are the real users of vehicles. We hope to offer some subsidies to operators, such as subsidies based on operating mileage, so as to better promote the promotion and use of new energy logistics vehicles." Jin wei further said that as the subsidy goes down, the price of new energy logistics vehicles purchased by operating companies will gradually increase, and the advantages of new energy logistics vehicles over traditional fuel vehicles will gradually weaken.

Lin peng also believes that the new energy logistics vehicle subsidies caused by the decline of vehicle prices, will make the cost of operating enterprises gradually increased pressure. He suggested that operators should be given corresponding operating subsidies, "such as how many cars they own, how long they operate, and how many kilometers they run."

Lin xiaohu is that the new energy logistics car subsidies to the operation end should be a gradual adjustment process.

"As far as I know, some cities are now giving appropriate subsidies to operating enterprises according to the mileage of new energy logistics vehicles." Lin xiaohu thinks, allowance tilts to operation end to have a premise condition, it is new energy content car must have enough hold quantity. He said that only when most of the mainstream logistics enterprises are using new energy logistics vehicles, the subsidy operation end is universal.

"At the operational end, the operating company of leasing new energy logistics vehicles needs to maintain at least 4,000 to 6,000 vehicles to achieve profitability, which also requires the enterprise to have strong financial backing and management level. Say, deng huan studied.

Geng wei stressed that cost is the new energy logistics vehicle operators always have to consider the problem. If the new energy logistics vehicles both price increases, and the right to road restrictions, will face the "back and forth" situation, hindering the promotion and operation of new energy logistics vehicles.

Operating companies call for reasonable operating subsidies

So what form of subsidy does the operator want?

Jin Wei told the China auto news reporters, operating under the subsidy can be independent of the current subsidies to production enterprise of national and local and outside of the subsidy way, and do not conflict with the subsidies of production enterprises, the operating enterprise of vehicle use content such as the operation of more than 30000 kilometers or other appropriate conditions, directly allocated to operating companies.

Give operation end allowance appropriately, have rationality and necessity. Lin peng believes that after the new energy logistics vehicle procurement cost increase, the right of way has not been fully liberalized. Compared with fuel cars, the use of advantages have not fully played. In addition, new energy logistics vehicles to a certain number of years after the use of residual value is almost zero, and fuel vehicles also have a certain depreciation advantage. Therefore, if the subsidy is tilted to the operation side, it will reduce the cost for the operation enterprises to some extent and enable them to make better use of vehicles.

So how to set up the subsidy mechanism? Lin xiaohu believes that the operation of the end of the subsidy is the need to carefully consider the problem. "For example, I as a logistics enterprise, registered in chongqing, and the vehicle transport line from chongqing to chengdu, so who in the end to give me more reasonable subsidies? This will inevitably lead to disputes over the subsidy of the place of jurisdiction and the place of use.

Deng huan also said that the operation of the end of the subsidy is reasonable, but there are some drawbacks. For example, will there be another fraudulent subsidy? He believes that the operation side of the subsidy should be given first carefully, and then in terms of subsidy object, scale, regulatory, review mechanism and other aspects should be planned and implemented.

"The Beijing institute of technology has the operation data of new energy logistics vehicles, and we suggest making subsidy policies based on the operation data of the third party." Regarding the subsidy scheme, Lin peng said that enterprises should truthfully report such data as the actual mileage and running time of their vehicles, and the state should issue subsidies according to the actual running situation, so as to have operability. In addition, the vehicle operation data of the enterprise is monitored by the third-party platform, which can prevent fraud and prevent the emergence of fraudulent compensation.

"The market driving force should be the core driving force of new energy logistics vehicles, and the policy should play a role of promoting and guiding." Geng wei further pointed out that in the future, in order to improve the use performance of new energy logistics vehicles, the operation cost also needs to continue to come down, rather than simply rely on subsidies for development. Only when the new energy logistics vehicle is better than the traditional logistics vehicle in the actual situation can it have better development space.

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