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Large Power attended “2017 China (Dongguan) International Science and Technology Cooperation Week (DISTC)”

Aug 01, 2019   Pageview:10708

The scientific research institution innovation meeting of 2017 DISTC was held in Dongguan International Convention Center on December 8th~10th, 2017. Dongguan Large Power was invited.

DISTC was hosted by Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST) and People's Government of Guangdong Province. It aims to promote the cooperation of science and personnel and shows the technological strength of South China to the world. Its influence has strengthened since 2004.

The DISTC in this year has 6 display areas. Exhibitors represent the technological development level of Dongguan in all industries. Large Power located in technical achievement area. In recent years, Dongguan Large Electronics innovates by deep integration of production, knowledge and research with market-oriented, has made a series of achievements on military and civilian products, and it is the initial companies for expansion program in Dongguan.

This exhibition shows the latest scientific achievements:

Large Power's Li-ion battery engineering institute cooperated with Dongguan University of Technology is guided by special environment, special performance and special application, satisfies customers’ special requirements, and creates special value for the users.

Guangdong Photovoltaic energy storage and Energy internet engineering technology center is led by Professor Xue Jiaxiang, the leader of Dongguan the third generation of innovation team. The center dedicates to integrate energy internet technology with solar photovoltaic power generation system, so as to realize the intelligent operation and remote monitoring of distributed solar generation.

Large Power intelligent engineering research institute cooperated with SCUT(South China University of Technology) has made an intelligent strategy of thorough sense, deep intelligence and accurate actuation, and helps a lot on intelligent development and Dongguan service.

Attending the exhibition is an opportunity to show the technical achievements of the company, a chance to learn from other companies, and helps Large Electronics to improve its high-tech innovation capacity.






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