Dongguan Large Power led in innovation team successfully.

Jan 02, 2019   Pageview:1436

The third batch of experts group of field trip of innovation team project in Dongguan science and technology bureau had severe site review and selection for Dongguan Large Power and made sure its advanced position, which meant Large Power had led in the innovation team successfully.

According to the spirit of[2014]No. 42 About the Notice of Printing and Releasing “the Temporary Management Methods of Dongguan Leading in Innovation Team Project” in Dongguan people's Government Office, Large Power has been into the photovoltaic energy storage industry since the beginning of 2015 guided by the cooperation agreement of postgraduate innovation and practice base and photovoltaic laboratory signed by the leader of innovation team in January, 2015.

Large Power led in technological development and industrialized project of intelligent photovoltaic power generation and energy internet, which is based on the policy of regarding innovation as development key point on the?thirteenth?Five-Year Plan. On the scientific innovation activity of OME and new energy, the project integrates a completed intelligent photovoltaic system solution integrated by photovoltaic power generation, real-time data collection, wireless or wire transmission to control station or centralized control center, cloud storage, big data mining and on-line expert photovoltaic system of smart power grids. This photovoltaic system provides one-stop technical support and suggestion. The project has three directions: intelligent photovoltaic grid or off-grid generation system; efficient and safe energy storage system; energy internet system of photovoltaic.

The innovation team is led by Xue Jiaxiang, an expert of Central South University, doctoral advisor and expert on OME, including five people from the core members of the project of Central South University. They are Wang Zhenmin, a professor, doctoral advisor, power electronics expert; Hong Xiaobin, a professor, doctoral advisor, measurement and control expert; Shi Yonghua, a professor, doctoral advisor, signal process expert; Jin Gang, a professor, doctoral advisor, measurement and control expert; Zeng Min, an associate professor, power electronics expert. They have their own innovation level, innovation ability and industrialized experience in their research field.

Intelligent photovoltaic power generation, energy internet technique development and industrialization project cannot be set up until finish three phases including written review, on-site reply and field visit, which makes Large Power become the first company in Dongguan Nancheng district to lead in innovation team. It is the strong power for Large Power to walk toward the goal of new technology.







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