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The definition rule of 18500 lithium ion battery is: 18500 battery is cylindrical battery, which diameter is 18mm, length is 50mm.

18500 lithium ion battery parameters:

Voltage:3.6V (general purpose battery, use for low-power electrical equipment, maximum 1C discharge. Can change the discharge conditions according to the situation);3.2V (power battery can be customized according to the condition)

Charging voltage: 4.2V

The minimum cut-off discharge voltage: 2.75V;

The maximum cut-off charge voltage: 4.20V; 

The capacity: 3.6V lithium cobaltate is now 1900mAh; 

Diameter: 18±0.2mm

Height: 49.36mm

Top (positive side): Flat top

Model: NCR18500A

External protection: No (Unprotected Bare Cell)

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LARGE POWER's 1400mAh 7.4V  18500 lithium ion battery design:

Battery model: 18500-2S1P/1500mAh/7.4V

Nominal Voltage:7.4V

Nominal capacity: 1500mAh (0.2C discharge to 5.5V)

Delivery Voltage: 7.2V~7.8V

Product size: MAX51×37×20mm

Internal resistance of finished product: ≤250mΩ

Output mode: UL100724# red (P+), UL100724# black (P-)

Executive standard: GB/T18287-2000

Shelf life: 12 months

Working temperature: 0~45°C (charge), -20~60°C (discharge)

Battery charging: Charging limit voltage: 8.4V Charging current: 750mA (standard), 1500mA (maximum)

Battery discharge: discharge cut-off voltage: 5.5V discharge current: 300mA (standard), 1500mA (maximum)

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18500 battery charger category:

Standard charging: The battery is first charged to 4.2V with a constant current of 0.5C5A (1.5A). When the charging current is gradually reduced, the current is reduced to 0.01C5A with a constant voltage of 4.2V, and the charging time is about 3 hours. There should be no permanent damage to the rechargeable battery at 0~45°C.

Standard discharge: The fully charged 18500 battery is placed in an ambient temperature of 20 ± 5 ° C for 30 minutes, discharged at a constant current of 0.2 C5A to 6.0 V, and the discharge time is approximately 5 hours. Therefore, it is suitable to choose the 4.2V/1A lithium ion battery charger.

The usage of 18500 battery:

The 18500 battery is widely used in cylindrical lithium ion batteries for electronic cigarettes, toys, security, charging treasures, digital products, and automotive electronics.

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