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REESS2018 new energy power battery and energy storage battery BBS successfully held

Mar 14, 2019   Pageview:60

On April 20th, the German Rhine-TUV Group(hereinafter referred to as "TUV Rhine") and the Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center(hereinafter referred to as "IQTC") and Changchun Automobile Testing Center Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Changchun Vehicle Inspection Center") co-hosted the "REESS2018 New Energy Power Battery and Storage Battery Forum". BYD, Bic Power, Penghui Energy, Yinlong New Energy, Guangzhou Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile, Daimler China, and more than 60 well-known new energy car Hedongli battery company representatives participated in this technology forum.

TUV Rhein and IQTC formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement and held the unveiling ceremony of the New Energy Power Battery Joint Testing Center, witnessed by more than 100 industry counterparts. According to the agreement, in the future, the two sides will work together to provide one-stop services for the entire industrial chain of new energy automotive power batteries.

Focusing on the most popular new energy vehicle power battery system, experts from domestic and foreign authoritative automotive quality inspection certification agencies and senior media personnel in the industry, The most concerned issues of new energy vehicle power cell and energy storage battery industry such as "latest domestic and international policies and regulations", "market access standards and technical difficulties" were explained in detail, and discussed in depth. At the forum, a number of experts said: "2018 new energy car industry Hedongli battery industry is still a sunrise industry, will continue to maintain rapid growth." The implementation of the new state subsidy policy and the Environmental Protection recycling policy, as well as the further opening up of the industry, will also force enterprises to accelerate the development and quality of technological innovation. As the most important production base for Chinese power batteries, South China must build a world-class and world-leading new energy public technology service platform, which serves as the quality foundation for technological innovation in the industry and is also an important technological link in the industry. Build the "China core" of new energy vehicle jointly.

Power Battery is the Key to the Development of New Energy Automobile Industry

In 2017, China's sales of new energy vehicles reached 777,000, and the cumulative number of vehicles retained reached 1.6 million, accounting for 500,000 of the world's total. It has overtaken the United States as the world's largest producer and consumer of new energy vehicles. From April 1, 2018, the "Measures for the Management of Average Fuel Consumption and New Energy Car Points in Passenger Vehicle Enterprises"(Double Points Policy) was formally implemented, which is expected to trigger a new round of new energy vehicle demand.

For new energy vehicles, the most important is the power battery system, which has a profound impact on the future development of the new energy automotive industry. Power batteries have a direct impact on the safety, mileage, driving comfort, and cost of the entire vehicle. It is the key to the success of new energy vehicles. Therefore, all countries in the world have set strict access standards for vehicle-mounted rechargeable energy storage systems(REESS).

To this end, the IQTC and the Changchun Vehicle Inspection Center held the forum in hand to hold TUV Lane to introduce E-mark, R100-2 and the new national standard for power batteries for power batteries, electric vehicles and parts suppliers, and analyze the impact of power batteries on access to new energy vehicles. At the same time, it interprets the international market access standards for energy storage batteries and electric bicycle battery suppliers and the latest EN 50604-1 standard.

The implementation of the "double points policy" has brought great opportunities for the development of new energy vehicles and power batteries. But at present, most of the power lithium battery products in China are still difficult to meet the requirements of access standards in terms of performance and quality, and can not meet the needs of upgrading the new energy automotive industry.

In order to boost the development and quality of the new energy automotive industry, at this forum, IQTC and TUV Rhine formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement to establish a new energy power battery joint testing center. The two sides jointly respond to the development and challenges of power batteries. The establishment of a joint testing center will provide a public welfare professional testing laboratory with wide coverage, comprehensive capabilities, complete qualifications and strong credibility for the power battery industry, which will greatly promote the development of the industry. On the same day, the two sides also invited the participants to visit the fully equipped laboratory at the first time.

TUV Rhine has rich practical experience in battery testing and certification worldwide. With its leading technical strength and professional service teams, TUV Rhine has continuously promoted the establishment and improvement of relevant industry standards at home and abroad. TUV Rhine and IQTC will jointly provide one-stop testing services for new energy automotive power batteries at home and abroad.

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