How do you repair electric car battery after out of power?

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Electric vehicle battery for a long time without a charge, will be "starved to death"?Recently, according to a consumer report, in February, the new change of electric vehicle battery has been idle for two months after not to electricity, after testing, the battery was "starve", what reason is this?

Because most electric vehicles for lead-acid batteries used in battery, the charging and discharging process, the material in the battery will be carried out in chemical reaction, such as long time without charging, can lead to a material cannot be activated, could not respond when charging, will shorten the service life of batteries.Battery not charging for a long time, the generated lead sulfate may be through the battery diaphragm, cause short circuit, cause the damage of the battery.Is the battery plate occurs irreversible sulfate, is common battery failure.

So, how to do?Choose a new?Usually maintenance master will advise you to change new, but today, teach you a few methods, has a certain probability can reactivate the battery.

The first method is in parallel on a group of good battery, charger.Its operation is the battery quantity according to your own, find a good car batteries just take charge at the back of the mouth line strip away the red red, black to black, then good electric plug in charger (20 minutes to observe whether the battery is hot, if hot unplug chargers stop 1 hour and 20 minutes of recharging, this loop 3 times with their own charger can be normal again.It is important to note, however, may not be more than 4 hours of charging, and then points 2 times filling, so that it can be normal use.

The second method is to check whether the battery is lack of water, if water scarcity in distilled water, with 1/10 of the charging current, charging rating until full, with one over ten of the rated capacity discharge, then until it finished, so after three or four times during the cycle, can repair.

The third method is to use high power charger to charge, with a large current charge, thermal battery don't charge, after the temperature drops to continue filling, repeated several times for adhere to 2 to 3 days, a certain probability can be activated.

However, these are only suitable for relatively new battery, if it was the old battery, reimbursement, generally after all battery electric, life will be shortened 80% directly.

So the battery in the case of power shortage for a long time not charging, the battery will be "starved to death."Which greatly affect the service life of electric vehicle batteries, in order to effectively prevent the battery "starve" phenomenon, remind everybody: the factory new batteries or for a long time without should use rechargeable batteries, five times before using every time the battery should be used to charge again when more than 70%;Peacetime ride release quantity is less than 70% of users, the battery at least once a month more than 70% of the deep discharge.

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