Is there any harm to battery in electric vehicle quick charging station

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Electricity as a single power source of pure electric vehicles, unable to get rid of the dependence on charging pile.Electric vehicle charging method has quick charge and slow filling two kinds, slow filling needs 6 hours or more, so fast charging pile can in a short period of time for electric charge, some people will feel very satisfied.But electric vehicle fast charging stations for battery have harm?Below is the detail.

Electric vehicle fast charging stations for battery have harm?Electric vehicle fast charging stations will be bad battery?

For electric vehicle owners, cycling gone halfway power supply, it is a depressing thing.Fast and portable electric vehicle fast charging stations, offers many residents travel convenience.

However, most people's mind there is such a common sense, that is to use the fast charging station for electric vehicle charging has the damage on the electric car battery.Electric vehicle battery normal service life is 2 ~ 3 years, if often use electric vehicle fast charging stations, maybe it need to replace the battery in less than a year, so the question comes, why has the damage on the electric car battery charging station electric vehicle fast?This is from the working principle of fast charging stations:

The working principle of electric vehicle fast charging station is to keep the current is big, fast charging current is around 9 A, the normal charge is 1.5 A - 2 A, by contrast, that is, the fast charging current is 5 to 6 times of the family, so as to realize the purpose of quick charge increases the current.No pulse protection, short time charging effect is obvious, but for the battery plate damage is very large, accelerate plate vulcanizing, aging, lead to plate fall off, puncture!And now in the market of electric cars, more than 90% of the battery is lead-acid batteries, under normal circumstances are not allowed to increase the charging current.

In addition, electric cars fast charging stations have high current charge, have a plenty of high voltage charging, quick charging can lead to increase battery plate buckling deformation, acid concentration, so as to cause damage to the battery.So try to avoid using electric vehicle fast charging stations for their electric charge.

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