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Lithium battery maintenance tips

Mar 15, 2019   Pageview:61

There has been no clear guidance on the maintenance of batteries for mobile phones, laptops, etc. We all know very little about the maintenance of lithium-ion batteries, and there are also many misunderstandings in their use. I recently saw an article by Isido Bukhman, CEO of Cadex Electronics saying: "The ideal battery usage should be to charge it to 80%, then disconnect, and reduce the power to 40%, then recharge."


The theoretical basis for this statement is related to the operating characteristics of lithium polymer batteries. The key to storing power in such a battery is the lithium ion that is input into the voltage. The greater the charge, the greater the voltage strength and pressure that a single lithium ion needs to carry. Long-term overloading will greatly reduce the battery life cycle. According to statistics, the same type of battery can only maintain 300-500 health cycles if it is fully charged and discharged (100%). And if the discharge starts at 70%, the number of healthy cycles jumps to 1200-200 times.


The danger of connecting the power supply for a long time does not stop there. The battery has a natural aging process, and high temperatures accelerate the process. Excessive temperature caused by intermittent charging can cause bubbles in the battery, which has a fatal effect on the health of the battery. Therefore, not only should pay attention to timely charging and discharging, but also pay attention to the working environment of the notebook and get timely heat dissipation.


Currently there is no software on Windows or Mac to control the battery charge and discharge, but if you are using ThinkPad, then congratulations, ThinkPad provides a battery management program that can control the battery charging and placement, can reach the battery Stop charging when 80%. As shown in the figure, when the battery is less than 40%, the battery is charged, and the battery is charged to 80% to stop charging. If the battery is in between, the system will not charge the battery.


As long as it is lithium ion, it is suitable for this maintenance method, so the smart phone is the same. With the battery that is charged, it will be 100% more than you use each time, and then use 20% of this usage habit for longer life.


CapitaLand is an expert in battery research, and its recommendations should be more professional, but lithium-ion battery technology has been changing, and perhaps some time, there will be new maintenance measures.


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