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What is the correct way to charge a lithium battery?

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The life of lithium electricity generally is 300-500 charge cycles. If a complete discharge provides power for 1 q, without considering each charge cycle after power decreases, the lithium electricity can provide or replenish a total of 300 q - 500 q power within its life. If charge 1/2 every time, it can charge 600-1000 times; as for 1/3, you can charge 900-1500 times. By analogy, if charge randomly, the number of times is not certain. In a word, no matter how you charge, charging a total of 300 q - 500 q power is constant.

So, we can understand like this: The lithium battery life and the battery total charge capacity, and the number of charge has nothing to do. Deep feed deep and shallow charge for the influence of the li-ion battery life. Then, some MP3 manufacturers, said the propaganda "so-and-so type MP3 use strong lithium batteries, rechargeable more than 1500 times." This is purely ignorance deceives consumers.

Shallow put lightly, in fact, more beneficial for li-ion battery, only if the products do calibration for lithium electricity power supply module, have a deep filling necessary. So, the use of lithium electric power supply of the products don't have to be constrained in the process, all for first and charge at any time, don't have to worry about life.

Avoid charging at high temperatures

If the above specified operating temperature, namely above 35 ° C environment using lithium electricity, battery power will continue to reduce, the battery power supply time won't be long as usual. If at that temperature, but also for charging equipment, that will be more damage in the battery. Even in the hot environment of storage battery, will inevitably cause the corresponding to the quality of the battery damage. So, try to keep in good operating temperature is a good way to extend the service life of lithium-ion battery.

To avoid charging under low temperature

If in low temperature environment, namely 4 ° C below used in li-ion battery, also found that the use of the battery time is reduced, some mobile phone original lithium electricity even in low temperature environment not to electricity. But don't worry too much, this is just a temporary condition, different from the use of high temperature environment, once the temperature rises, heated, the molecules in cell, restore to the previous power at once.

Often use

Life is movement. If you want to play lithium ion batteries maximum efficiency, you need use it frequently, make electrons within the lithium electricity is always in a state of flow. If you don't often use lithium electricity, be sure to remember recharge lithium electricity to complete a cycle, a month to do a power calibration, the deep to charge.

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