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It will use ternary batteries on a large scale - BYD

Mar 15, 2019   Pageview:61

In the field of new energy vehicles, batteries have always occupied the main position of the industry. As the leading company in battery, BYD mainly promotes lithium iron phosphate battery. For a long time, BYD only supplies its own new energy vehicles and it is not for external supply. BYD, with its core technology, has been in short supply.


In the future, BYD will use ternary batteries on a large scale.


But recently, BYD's strategic layout in the battery business seems to have been adjusted. In late October, BYD announced the investor survey exchange records revealed that BYD has also begun to use ternary batteries, and will be applied on a large scale in the future. BYD's capacity planning revealed that the current power battery capacity of the company is about 14GWh, and it is expected to reach 16GWh by the end of this year. Among them, 10GWh is a lithium iron phosphate battery, and the rest is a ternary battery. At present, the company is building a new power battery factory in Qinghai. It is expected to be completed and put into production in 2018.


In addition, BYD's battery is only internal not external situation may change. In fact, the industry has long been rumored that BYD's battery business will be released sooner or later. Chuanfu Wang, chairman of BYD, also admitted to negotiating with other major passenger car brands for battery export cooperation at the shareholders meeting.


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