Future research focus of the joint venture ----Lithium battery recovery

Mar 18, 2019   Pageview:437

The New York-based White Plains, MetallicaCommodiesCorp.. LLC(MCC) and South Korea's SungeelHiTech Co.. Ltd. announced the establishment of a joint venture that will target the recycling of northern lithium ion batteries(LIB) in the United States. market.

The joint venture SungEelMCC United States Limited Liability Company(SMA) will utilize and describe as proprietary the global network of MCC agents, traders, suppliers, electronic recyclers and customers, as well as SungEel's LIB recovery process.

SMA stated that it will initially recover more than 3,000 tons of used lithium ion batteries each year and will employ about 100 people. Cobalt, nickel, lithium and copper will be recovered from recycled batteries through what the company calls an "efficient and environmentally friendly process." The recovered metal can be used to make new lithium ion batteries or for other industrial applications.

According to SMA, the consumption of both materials has exceeded the supply in recent years, and the United States lacks local production of both materials. Cobalt and lithium are sometimes defined as "foreign" metals found in LIBs. More than 50 % of the world's cobalt reserves are located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and more than 50 % of lithium reserves are located in the "lithium triangle" area of South America, which spans the border between Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

"We are pleased to work with SungEel to bring environmentally friendly LIBR recycling to the North American market," said Danmaimier, MCC's chief operating officer. "We believe that SMA will revolutionize electronic waste recycling and energy markets, create high-income jobs, and make the Americas the forefront of the renewable energy movement. "

"Sunge EelHiTech Co., Ltd. challenges the North American recycling market with an extensive network of MCC based on internationally recognized leading recycling technologies," says Yi Myung, chief executive officer of Sunge EelHiTech Co.. "SMA will expand to North America and Central America to become a leader in the LIBR market and will expand its environmentally friendly recycling process based on solid technology. "

SungEel was established in 2000 and is one of the few LIBs in the world. The company collects more than 8,000 tons of abandoned LIBs and waste each year. The company says its current capacity is expanding fivefold by 2021 in response to the growth expected from the LIBs as the electronics industry grows.

MCC described itself as a group of more than 115 people? What? The group focuses on the commercial recovery of colored concentrates, residues and by-products generated by the mining, metallurgical, recycling and processing industries. The company has operating agencies or offices in the United States, Canada, France, Guyana, Peru, Tanzania and the United Kingdom.

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