Kinetic battery charging time is only 5-10 minutes, can complete tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of charge and discharge!

APR 16, 2019   Pageview:51

According to foreign media reports, Chakratec announced the completion of the third round of financing (round C) and raised US$ 4.4 million from the iArgento Group (Israel Company) and Goldbell (Singapore Company). The company's first investor is Capitol Nature, which is still Chakratec's largest shareholder.


This round of funding has allowed the company to launch three pilot projects in Europe, and if the project is successful, it will receive the first orders at the end of this year.


The company has developed a unique and innovative energy storage technology that uses the flywheel concept for power cells. Such kinetic batteries can provide high-power energy supplies with a service life of more than 20 years and can complete tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of charges and discharges.


Until today, the fast charging technology of electric vehicles requires high-power electrical connections. This method is usually costly, complex to operate, and the upgrade process of distribution network infrastructure takes a long time.


The use of kinetic batteries has made the deployment of fast-charging equipment for electric vehicles very simple and can be deployed to any location, thus integrating all types of energy and minimizing operating costs. The current flow required for the charging process developed by Chakratec is particularly large and the charging time is only 5-10 minutes.


When the vehicle enters the charging station, even if the kinetic battery runs out of power, it can quickly fill up the battery with just a quick rush into the vehicle. Due to the limitations of charging and discharging and high power, traditional chemical batteries can not achieve this fast charging application.


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