What are the button battery models?

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The button battery model can be classified from a single standard such as structure, voltage, and size, and can also be classified as a composite button battery. In practice, the button lithium battery is generally composite labeled from two aspects of structure and shape.


Button batteries can be divided into two types: can be charged and can not be charged. Common rechargeable button batteries include 3.6 V LIR series and 3V ML series, LV series. Non-rechargeable button batteries include 3V CR series, 1.5 V LR series, and 1.55 V SR series.


The button battery model consists of English letters and numbers. The front English letters represent the nature of the chemical power supply. The suffix four Arabic numerals represent the size of the battery. The first two digits represent the diameter, the latter two digits indicate the thickness, and the button battery is smaller. It is generally used for backup power supplies for electronic products, such as computer motherboards, electronic watches, electronic dictionaries, electronic scales, calculators, etc., with diameters ranging from 4.8 mm to 30mm and thickness from 1.0 mm to 7.7 mm. Here are some common button battery models:


1, CR button battery model: common CR2016, CR2032, CR2025, where CR represents lithium manganese dioxide battery, the last four digits indicate size, for example, CR2032 refers to a diameter of 20mm, A 3V button battery with a height of 3.2 mm.


2, AG series button battery model: The AG battery used to be called in China is essentially an alkaline zinc manganese battery. It is divided into 14 product series from AG0 to AG13, but it is still in accordance with the marking method of alkaline batteries in the IEC standard. The "LR" letter is used to identify where L represents alkalinity and R represents a circle. The Japanese standard is marked as "L" followed by three or four digits. If it is followed by three digits, the first digit indicates that the diameter(mm) is taken as an integer bit; If you follow four digits, the first two digits represent the diameter(mm) to take the integer bit; The last two digits take 1/10 to indicate height(mm).


For example, the IEC logo of the domestic AG13 button battery is LR44 and the Japanese logo is L1154. Because the design diameter of the battery is 11.6 mm and the height is 5.4 mm, the diameter is taken as the integer position "11". The 1/10 of "54" represents a height of 5.4 mm.


3, Zinc-silver oxide battery: Silver oxide battery size can be made of the same size as alkaline zinc manganese button battery, but Zinc-silver oxide battery is relatively higher voltage platform, working voltage is more stable, its naming method is basically the same as the LR series. same, for example, "SR44" represents a zinc-silver oxide battery, which is both the size of the LR44 and the size of the AG13. Initially, AG13 referred to SR44, now sometimes LR44, sometimes SR44. Because zinc-silver oxide batteries are more expensive than alkaline zinc-manganese batteries, the latter replaces some of the former's markets.


4, in a button battery family there are also zinc empty batteries and Mercury batteries (also known as mercury batteries), rechargeable batteries also have LIR, ML, LV series, these button battery models are only the battery system represented by the English. Later, it also uses four digits to represent the size. For example, LIR3032 represents a lithium ion battery with a working voltage of 3.6 V, with a diameter of 20mm and a height of 3.2 mm. ML2032 and LV2032 represent the same size of the battery. It just represents lithium manganese batteries and lithium vanadium batteries, respectively.


In addition, there are so-called nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydrogen button-type batteries, which are the shapes of these two batteries after they have been intercepted to a certain low height. They are considered as heterogeneous batteries in the industry, and they are also named after the original button battery model. The same.


The unit battery can also change the height by superposition to become a specific purpose battery. For example, 23A is a 12V alkaline battery that is superimposed by eight 1.5 V batteries. Of course, it has changed the buttoning image.


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