Introduction of "Three Electricity" Technology of New Energy Automobile

APR 18, 2019   Pageview:79

The new energy car market has achieved unprecedented development. Correspondingly, the new energy car technology also has a good performance. From the perspective of the entire electric vehicle system, the mileage of the whole has been improved, and the energy consumption of 100 kilometers has also been reduced a lot from the past. In addition, great progress has been made in battery safety, energy recovery, and lightweight. So, in the past year, which industries and technologies have attracted our attention?

Improved battery safety

This year, some companies and universities have analyzed the results of the impact, puncture and combustion of power batteries from their respective fields of expertise, in order to improve the safety of the vehicle. Xieman, an associate professor at Beijing Institute of Technology, put forward the method of improving the safety of power batteries through the use of additives from the chemical point of view, which is widely valued by enterprises. A company official told reporters that it would help to reduce the cost of batteries and popularize new energy vehicles if battery safety was improved through cheap and simple methods.

Zhaohui, vice president of Chang 'an Automobile Engineering Research Institute, is also engaged in the study of battery safety. Zhaohui told reporters that for power cells, through the test of the power cells in different directions after experiencing extrusion, puncture and other injuries, to guide the power cells to more safe and efficient packaging. Zhaohui said: "Through research, Chang 'an Automobile has mastered the characteristics of many types of power cells that have been damaged in different directions. This basic research and development can deeply dig the potential of battery safety and improve the safety of the vehicle. "

Electrical advantages highlighted

In the early years of the new energy car industry, many companies in the industry have devoted their energy to batteries, making the position of batteries in the "three electric power" particularly important. The situation of this "single family" has improved, the status of electrical and electronic control has gradually improved, and more car companies have begun to treat "three power" as a system. Caiwei, founder and chief technology officer of refined electric power, pointed out that the "three power" of electric vehicles is a whole, and it is not the technical problems of batteries that are solved. The problems of electric motors and electronic control can be solved. The "three power" should be treated as a whole. Caiwei explained that there is no problem with domestic manufacturers doing only Motors. If the components such as clutches and gears are integrated with motors, compared with internationally renowned suppliers, domestic manufacturers show weak system integration capabilities. Caiwei believes that more financial support should be given to the construction of electric-driven systems and key component platforms and industries. At present, the domestic new energy vehicle supporting motor can basically achieve independent production, but there is still room for improvement in the power density, speed range and constant power area width and other key parameters.

Car enterprises love to "play" electronic control

As the "electric control" among the "three electric power", the past is the most easily overlooked part of the core technology, and many domestic car companies have made the most progress in "electric control" this year. For example, Yutong passenger car's Rui control technology, to achieve a high degree of integration of the system, real-time judgment of vehicle status, matching power combination scheme. Chang 'an New Energy General Manager Renyong told reporters that although Chang' an Automobile's elegant EV batteries are provided by TianNeng Group, the battery packaging technology and the vehicle electric control technology are all developed by Chang 'an Automobile and have intellectual property rights. In the future, Changan Automobile will continue to research and develop in the field of electronic control to maximize the potential of battery Motors. At present, because vehicle factories often do not involve the production and manufacture of key components such as batteries and motors, most car companies have chosen to work in the field of electronic control. This is why domestic car companies have made great progress in the field of "electronic control" this year. reason.

Smart driving is testing the water.

Electric vehicles are widely regarded as the best vehicle for intelligent driving. This year, companies including Tesla, Google, Audi, Yutong and Nissan began experimenting with hydro-smart driving, with some initially fully automated. As more car companies begin to invest in the development of autopilot and semi-autopilot technology, it is believed that this cross-era technology will usher in a period of faster development.

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