Is cell phone explosion related to batteries?

APR 16, 2019   Pageview:73

Recently, news related to the "mobile phone explosion" we see an endless, it makes a lot of people to the usual was like peas and carrots phone is full of alert. But can't because mobile phones might explode is no? The reporter interviewed applied mathematical, associate professor at Beijing University of technology Zhou Hongzhi, ask him to say phone explosion those things for you.

What is the root cause of the mobile phone explosion?

Zhou Hongzhi said that mobile phone is the root cause of the explosion in mobile phones the battery, concrete is divided into internal cause and external cause. Internal reason refers to the cell phone battery quality closes nevertheless. Now most of the mobile phone use the lithium battery,Lithium battery of storage capacity associated with the activity of lithium, lithium metal activity is good, the lithium battery capacity is high; The activity of lithium metal is poor, lithium battery capacity is low. Some vendors in order to increase the capacity of the battery, cannot properly increase the activity of lithium metal, but the stronger the activity of lithium metal, produce the dendrite and the greater the possibility of short circuit inside the battery, the higher the likelihood of mobile phone explosion.

External reason is the main reason for the mobile phone explosion, is directly related to mobile phone charger. Zhou Hongzhi said that mobile phone during charging, the charger will be 220 v household voltage into the working voltage of about 5 v, this process need charger components have good insulation performance, the process need to meet strict quality standards. Because the charger in some components, insulation ability is associated with the consumption power of the charger, power consumption increases, the insulating ability will fall; In the process of charging, if the charger to the deficiency of the design of circuit and low quality of components, production process does not pass, the insulation is easy to be destroyed, this situation is easy to cause the breakdown voltage, led to the mobile phone explosion. Especially some charger circuit design itself is a problem that, there is a big security hidden danger, advising people when buying cheap charger more attention should be paid to the quality problem.

Mobile phone appears what condition it is possible to explosion?

Zhou Hongzhi remind everybody, in most cases, mobile phones tend to appear before the explosion hot phenomenon, so if it is found that cell phone too hot, must pay attention. But according to Zhou Hongzhi, if there is something wrong with the battery itself quality, tend not to have too much aura before explosion, the heating process is very quickly, it is hard to respond in a timely manner. And when the battery itself when there is no quality problem, if the phone in some abnormal phenomena appeared in the process of charging, sends out the smell of burnt food such as chargers, mobile phone unusually hot, and so on, is the need for vigilance. At present a lot of good smartphone itself have overheating protection function, namely when the excess heat, automatically cut off power supply; But for high voltage breakdown faulty charger, overheating protection function is powerless.

In addition, Zhou Hongzhi recommend, if found that cell phone battery charge uplift, too slow, and so on and so forth, explain the battery itself has been aging or damage, should replace the battery in time.

How to avoid mobile phone explosion?

Zhou Hongzhi said that personally, in order to ensure its own security, should pay attention to the following:

1, when to buy mobile phones and chargers, must to normal store for products through the national 3 c certification, don't in order to pursue cheap to buy fake and inferior products.

2, it is best to use the original charger for mobile phone, different cell phone charger is best not to mix.

3, don't wait to run out of battery when charging, it will lower cells activity and accelerated aging, had better be in more than thirty percent of cell phone battery is recharged.

4, non-professionals don't remove the mobile phone and mobile phone batteries. If the phone battery belongs to removable battery, be sure to turn off your phone again after dismantled.

5, do not use mobile phone where temperature is too high. Working environment temperature at minus 20 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius, more or less the range is likely to affect the normal use of mobile phones, especially when temperature is too high to be careful.

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