Midpoint State Power Battery New Energy Industry Supporting Products Leading Enterprise Ningde Era

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Yesterday, the leading enterprise of China's new energy industry supporting products, Ningde Times (purchase code: 300750), was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. On the market yesterday, the market value of the current GEM was the first for Wenshi, and the market value after the close yesterday was 1273 billion yuan. According to the subscription price of 25.14 yuan, the price-earnings ratio is 22.99 times, the single account subscription limit is 65,000 shares, and the subscription quantity is an integral multiple of 500 shares. The company plans to raise funds of 131.2 yuan.


On the first day of listing, if the stock price of Ningde Times rose by a hundred times without suspense, it was calculated from the closing price. It is estimated that the market value of the fundraising in Ningde era is about RMB 1,300, so the founder of the company, Zeng Yiqun, may benefit from the shares he holds. The market value will reach 100 billion yuan. The total number of shares issued by Ningde was 21,724,000 shares, of which 6517 million shares were issued online, totaling hundreds of billions of dollars, and investing in new energy equipment manufacturing projects for new energy and expanding production capacity and developing next-generation batteries. The equipment manufacturing project will expand the company's production capacity and further enhance the company's performance.


Although the Ningde era sales gross profit margin in 2014 - 2017: 25.73%, 38.64%, 43.7%, 36.29%, the current net profit rate of revenue: 6.41%, 16.67%, 20.79%, 21.44%. However, Ningde's operating income, net profit, and asset size all showed explosive growth. According to the prospectus data, in 2015, 2016 and 2017, the company's main business income was 56.6 yuan, 14.63 billion yuan, 19.14 billion yuan; the company's operating income was 5.703 billion yuan, 14.879 billion yuan, and 19.979 billion yuan, year The compound growth rate was as high as 87.26%; the net profit was 951 million yuan, 2.918 billion yuan and 41.94 yuan, and the compound annual growth rate was as high as 110.05%. However, Ningde’s non-net profit declined for the first time in 2017. Net profit for 2016 was 2.85 billion, net profit for 2017 was 3.88 billion, non-net profit for 2016 was 2.79 billion, and non-net profit for 2017 was 2.38 billion.


Ningde era products have been widely used in new energy industries and new energy vehicles in dozens of cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc., and through lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, fuel cells, power batteries, large Capacity storage battery, supercapacitor, battery management system and rechargeable battery pack, wind power storage system, related equipment and equipment development, production and sales and after-sales service, etc., with domestic new energy industry equipment manufacturing enterprises Cooperation. 2015 - 2017, the number of new customers is 96, 58 and 119 respectively. Among them, the number of supply vehicles is up to 58. The second sales of BYD is self-supply, and the third one is for supply. The number of trucks is less than half that of CATL.


At the same time, in May 2017, SAIC and Ningde Times announced the establishment of two joint ventures. In October 2017, Changan Automobile and Dongfeng Motor revealed that they had already entered the Ningde era. This means that at the capital level, the Ningde era has reached cooperation with three of China's six major automobile groups.


According to the data released by the Ningde Economic and Information Technology Commission, since the establishment of ATL in March 2008, the new energy industry of Ningde has grown at an average annual rate of 144%. From January to September 2017, the new energy industry in Ningde City achieved an output value of 257.52. 100 million yuan, an added value of 10.993 billion yuan, accounting for 21% of the city's industrial added value, an increase of 51.9%, is the fastest growing industry in Ningde City.


In fact, the Ningde era first disclosed the prospectus on November 10, 2017, updated on March 12 this year, and then completed on April 4, the whole process is nearly 150 days, not 24 days of external rendering. However, this speed has been greatly accelerated compared to the previous one.


One of the company's actual controllers, Zeng Yiqun, the chairman of the company, rarely appeared in the media. The few conference events he attended were mostly in Ningde. The reporter who contacted him commented on his "low-key, practical, sincere, and affinity", and there is no sense of alienation caused by mystery.


In 1985, Zeng Yiqun was admitted to the Department of Marine Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University. After graduation, he was assigned to a state-owned enterprise in Fujian. After only three months of work, he chose to resign and leave and joined the Xinke Electronics Factory in Dongguan. In March 2008, Zeng Yiqun put ATL in The third factory in the mainland was built in the hometown of Ningde.


At the end of 2011, the original ATL's Power Battery Division achieved independence and was registered at the end of the year to establish Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. In 2012, BMW Brilliance handed the olive branch to the Ningde era with its technical reserves and potential as a qualified supplier.


According to the country's "Economic Daily" report, the Ningde era new energy lithium-ion battery project in 2016 for Ningde to create nearly 20 billion yuan in tax revenue, driving more than 50,000 people to employment. In the past few years, Ningde has also proposed the goal of cultivating the new lithium energy industry into a 100 billion industrial cluster. At the same time, according to the plan, it is estimated that by 2020, the total scale of the new energy industry of Ningde Lithium will exceed 1,000 yuan, of which the output value of the battery industry will reach 700 million yuan, including 200 billion yuan for consumer electronic batteries and 400 billion yuan for power batteries. The energy storage system is 100 yuan. Through the battery industry, the output value of supporting materials and equipment industry has exceeded 300 million yuan. In the future, Ningde will continue to benefit from the performance, we are looking forward to it!


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