High-performance ternary lithium battery has what eight advantages

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For pure electric vehicles, the power battery is the key to affecting the vehicle's endurance. The EU5, an artificial intelligence car newly launched by baic new energy, is equipped with a high-performance ternary lithium battery, with a maximum range of 570 kilometers.

Adopted by the learned, EU5 high-performance ternary lithium batteries, selected the CATL ningde era a new generation of batteries, through the battery packaging technology, cell and module, electrical system, heat and battery management system management system, shell parts assembly, to form the battery system as a whole, and under the control of multiple protection configuration, a long-term, efficient and stable operation.

High-performance ternary lithium battery has the following 8 advantages:

1. High energy density

Thanks to the new generation battery technology of ningde era, the product energy density can be increased to 151Wh/kg while ensuring a long life.

2. High power

Batteries are energy-dense and can hold more energy in the same volume. The battery capacity of the EU5's R500 model reached 53.6kWh, and that of the R550 model reached 60.2kWh, which laid the foundation for extremely long battery life.

3. Safe and reliable

Before loading, EU5's power battery has been verified by 30 national standards and 52 enterprise standards, including: over charge, over discharge, over temperature, short circuit, drop, extrusion, fire, mechanical impact, simulated collision, salt spray and other stringent inspection items. After loading, the EU5 also passed the road test of over one million kilometers in extreme conditions such as high temperature, high cold and plateau, fully verifying the reliability of the battery and the vehicle.

4. Adaptable

The activity of ternary lithium battery will change in different working environments, which also leads to different charging efficiency in different working environments. Using EMD3.0 technology, EU5 integrates a number of battery activity assist functions, greatly improving the convenience of daily charging process. Such as:

Low temperature preheating function: when charging EU5 in low temperature environment, the battery will be preheated with the help of the heating bag, so that the battery can reach the normal working temperature as soon as possible, improve the battery charging efficiency, and save charging time for users.

(2) while charging and heating: when the power battery temperature is too low, the vehicle can be in the process of charging, the power battery to continue to heat, so that its charging efficiency is higher in a low temperature environment.

(3) slow charging and heat preservation: when the temperature of the power battery is low, the power battery can be kept warm under the state of gun insertion to avoid the loss of available capacity of the battery caused by low temperature after charging.

(4) bidirectional charging of the whole vehicle: the power battery of the EU5 high-distribution model can be used as a large mobile power source to supply power for the electrical appliances used in the load, or to charge other vehicles, providing users with more diverse ways of using.

(5) power battery liquid cooling: EU5 high model can monitor the battery cell temperature and coolant temperature, reasonable control of the battery system in the heating state or cooling state, to ensure that the power battery in various seasonal temperatures, can maintain efficient operation.

5. High intelligence

Equipped with EMD3.0 super electronic control technology, its battery control system enables EU5 batteries to have multiple intelligent safety protection measures, such as real-time battery prediction and alarm, quick charging and discharging protection, over-charging and over-discharge safety protection, low-temperature charging and pre-heating, etc., which not only protects the battery and consumers' travel safety.

6. Long life

EMD3.0 super electronic control technology, but also make the EU5 possess the function of monomer battery voltage deviation from the equilibrium - EU5 automatically identify judge batteries in the battery monomer voltage deviation, and according to the abnormal situation, automatic equalization processing, to keep the battery monomer voltage deviation within the expected range, help keep traffic for long life, and effectively prolong the service life of the battery.

7. Endurance

The battery life of EU5R500 model is 416 km in working condition and 520 km in constant speed. The R550 model has a range of 460km in operating mode and 570km in constant speed.

Taking Beijing, one of the busiest cities in China, as an example, statistics released by the Beijing municipal government in 2015 showed that the average daily commuting mileage of vehicles on weekdays was about 41.5 km. Even in complex road conditions, the EU5 has a range of 416 kilometers, enough for nearly 10 days of continuous use, ensuring that most people are charged once a week.

8. Convenient charging

With the deployment of EMD3.0's battery control system, EU5 can be charged in three ways: quick charge -- from 30% to 80% in 30 minutes on a common quick charge pile; Slow charging -- free charging and installation of charging piles for all consumers with installation conditions, charging in 6-8 hours, charging at night and during the day; Charging at any time -- consumers can also choose and buy 3.3kw or 1.8kw emergency charging cable, 220v household electricity can be charged.

It is worth mentioning that the charging environment in China is becoming more and more mature. The state grid has built a "nine vertical, nine horizontal and two ring" high-speed inter-city quick charging network, covering 19 provinces and 150 cities. With such a high-speed charging network, the EU5 is no longer limited to the driving area within the range of driving ability, and has no difference in the convenience compared with traditional gas-powered cars.

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