Introduction to Electric Vehicle Charging System

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Electric car charging has always been a recognized problem, today introduce electric car charging system, let you have a general understanding.

1. Current main charging technology solutions:

-Contact type: single phase AC, three-phase AC, DC

-Non-contact: Wireless charging

The power of the charger corresponding to different range extensions is generally as follows:

2. Industry development trend of charging technology:

Development of single-phase charging technology to three-phase charging technology;

The development of one-way charging technology to two-way charging and discharge technology;

The charging method has no automatic development from someone's hand;

The extended functions and value-added services of the charging system are continuously enriched;

3. Vehicle Charging Machine(OBC) Technology

The main function of the vehicle charging motor is to convert AC AC220V city power to high voltage DC 400V(such as DC 400V) to charge the power battery to ensure normal driving of the vehicle. The equipment is AC/DC power conversion equipment.

The vehicle charging motor is paired with the market pile to complete the communication and power adjustment according to the requirements of the national standard. The national standard is: GB/T20234.

Existing charging machine development circuit topology:

1) Non-segregated

Representative: Biyadie 6(Inverse charging system)

Advantages: The circuit control is simple and can share the circuit structure with the motor controller;

Disadvantages: Relatively low security.

2) Isolation

-Rectifier Bridge + PFC + Phase Transfer Bridge-Representative: Leaf LEAF, 90 %

-Rectifier Bridge + PFC + LLC -- Representative: Tesla, 93 %

Advantages: High isolation security. LLC is more efficient and better electromagnetic compatibility than the phase-shifting bridge;

Disadvantages: There are many components and complex control algorithms.

4. Future charging technology

Intelligent charging system: The user's charging experience is the origin of the design, combined with vehicle-assisted driving technology, wireless energy transmission technology, Internet technology, artificial intelligence technology and other cutting-edge technologies and charging systems.

-Provide charging support in any location, in any state of supply, in any use scenario

-Compatible instant, booking, adaptive vehicle charging

With the development of the new energy car industry, various car companies are working in the field of electric car charging, I believe that the problem of charging will be solved quickly, or it is even easier than refueling gasoline vehicles.

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