How to distinguish true and false lithium batteries?

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At present, mobile phones are an indispensable tool for people, and the replacement is even faster. The life of mobile phone batteries is limited, so sometimes the phone is still good, but the battery is very useless. At this time, it is necessary to buy a new mobile phone battery. As a mobile phone user, how to choose the counterfeit and shoddy batteries that are flooding the market? Below, the author will teach you a few tricks, hoping to help everyone improve their understanding of mobile phone batteries.


1. Compare the size of the battery capacity. The general nickel-cadmium battery is 500mAh or 600mAh, and the hydrogen-nickel battery is only 800-900mAh. The capacity of the lithium-ion mobile phone battery is generally between 1300-1400mAh, so the time for the lithium battery to be fully charged is about the hydrogen-nickel battery. 1.5 times, about 3.0 times that of cadmium-nickel batteries. If you find that the working hours of the lithium-ion mobile phone battery block you purchased are not advertised or as long as specified in the manual, it may be counterfeit.


2. Look at the plastic surface and plastic material. Authentic battery wear surface is uniform, using PC material, no brittle phenomenon; counterfeit battery without anti-wear surface or too rough, using recycled material, easy to crack.


3. All genuine mobile phone batteries should be neat in appearance, without excessive burrs, the outer surface has a certain roughness and feel comfortable the inner surface is smooth, and fine vertical scratches can be seen under the light. The battery electrode and the mobile phone battery have the same width. The corresponding position under the battery electrode is marked with [+], [-]. The isolation material of the battery charging electrode is the same as the outer casing material, but it is not integrated.


4. For the original battery, its battery surface color texture is clear, uniform, clean, no obvious scratches and damage; battery mark should be printed with battery type, type, rated capacity, standard voltage, positive and negative signs, manufacturer name . The hand should be smooth and non-blocking, suitable for tightness, good fit with the hand, reliable lock; the metal piece has no obvious scratches and black and green. If the cell phone battery we purchased does not match the above phenomenon, it can be preliminarily determined to be a fake.


5. At present, many mobile phone manufacturers have also made efforts to improve the level of craftsmanship to improve the difficulty of fraud in mobile phones and their accessories, thereby further curbing the phenomenon of counterfeit goods. Generally, regular mobile phone products and their accessories must be consistent in appearance. Therefore, if we put the purchased mobile phone battery, should we carefully compare the fuselage and the battery bottom case? Color if the color is dark and consistent, it is the original battery. Otherwise, the battery itself is dull and dull, and it may be a fake battery.


6. Observe the abnormal situation of charging. Generally, the internal mobile phone battery should have an overcurrent protector. In the case of excessive current caused by external short circuit, the circuit is automatically cut off to avoid burning or damage the mobile phone. The lithium ion battery also has an overcurrent protection circuit. Standardize the electrical appliance. When the AC current is too large, the power will be automatically cut off, resulting in no charge. In normal battery condition, it can automatically return to the conduction state. If, during the charging process, we find that the battery is seriously hot or smoke, or even explode the battery is definitely fake.


7. Look carefully at the security signs. For example, the word NOKIA under the sticker is hidden. Clear and flawless is the original product; dim color is a counterfeit product.


If you look closely, you may also find the name of the manufacturer. For example, for Motorola batteries, its anti-counterfeiting trademark is diamond-shaped, and it can be flashed with stereoscopic effect from any angle, while Motorola, original and printing are clear it is genuine. On the contrary, once the color is dim, the stereoscopic effect is insufficient, and the words are vague, it may be a fake.


8. Measure the charging voltage of the battery block. If a lithium-ion mobile phone battery block is faked with a cadmium-nickel or a nickel-hydrogen battery block, it must be composed of five single-cell batteries. The charging voltage of a single battery generally does not exceed 1.55V, and the total voltage of the battery block does not exceed 7.75V. When the total charging voltage is lower than 8.0V, it may be a nickel-cadmium or a nickel-hydrogen battery.


9. With special tools faced with more and more types of mobile phone batteries in the market and counterfeit technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, some large companies are constantly improving anti-counterfeiting technology, such as the new Nokia mobile phone battery, which has a special logo on the logo. The treatment needs to be identified by a special prism, which is only available from Nokia. Therefore, with the improvement of anti-counterfeiting technology, it is difficult for us to recognize the true and false from the appearance.


10. Use a dedicated detector. The quality of the mobile phone battery is difficult to distinguish from the appearance. To this end, a mobile phone battery tester has been introduced on the market, which can detect and discriminate the capacity and quality of various batteries such as lithium and nickel with a voltage between 2.4V and 6.0V and a capacity of less than 1999mAH. It also has functions such as starting, charging and discharging. The whole process is controlled by the microprocessor according to the battery characteristics, and the technical parameters such as voltage, current and capacity of the measured voltage can be realized.


11. Lithium ion mobile phone battery is generally marked with English 7.2Vlithiumionbattery (lithium ion battery) or 7.2Vlithiumsecondarybattery (lithium secondary battery), 7.2Vlithiumionrechargeablebattery (lithium ion rechargeable battery). Therefore, when purchasing a mobile phone battery, it is necessary to clearly see the appearance of the battery block to prevent the cadmium nickel and hydrogen nickel battery from being mistaken for the lithium ion mobile phone battery because the battery type is not clearly seen.


12. When you identify the true and false batteries, you often overlook a small detail, that is, the battery contacts. Because of the various brand-name mobile phone batteries, most of their contacts are annealed, it should be matt, not shiny, so according to this point, you can preliminarily determine the authenticity of the phone battery. In addition, we must carefully observe the color of the contact lens. The touch of the fake mobile phone battery is often made of copper, so its color is red or white, and the real mobile phone battery should be this pure golden yellow, red. Or whitish may be fake.


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