New Rice Technology Project for the Construction of High Performance Lithium-ion Battery Microporous Membrane

Jul 23, 2019   Pageview:98

On January 23, Chongqing Yuntianhua Newmi Technology Co., Ltd. issued a stock issuance plan. The total amount of funds raised for this targeted increase does not exceed RMB 1.221 billion. The funds raised are mainly used for the construction of a new 3 × 50 million square metres/year high-performance lithium-ion battery microporous diaphragm project and the replenishment of the company's daily operating liquidity.

In the proposal, newmet technology said that downstream customers of lithium-ion battery diaphragm have high requirements for the production capacity of lithium ion battery diaphragm manufacturers, but the current company's annual production capacity has constrained the company's further development. In view of the broad market prospects of lithium-ion battery diaphragm, the company's competitive strength has gradually increased, and it is expected to obtain more contracts for the sale of lithium-ion battery diaphragm, but the existing production capacity can not meet the increasing demand for orders.

On the other hand, in recent years, the state's policy support for new energy vehicles has continued to strengthen. The lithium-ion power battery market has begun to grow rapidly, and the demand for lithium-ion battery diaphragm has also increased significantly. In order to seize market share, the leading enterprises in the industry have carried out a new round of capacity expansion. For example, Zhangzhou Pearl raised funds in 2016 to invest in an annual output of 105 million square meters of wet lithium-ion battery diaphragm project, and Xingyuan Material launched a convertible bond in October 2017 to invest in an annual output of 360 million square meters of lithium-ion batteries. The wet and coat diaphragm project.

Therefore, in order to comply with the development trend of the industry and implement a sound production capacity expansion plan based on its own operating conditions, the company will add 150,000 square meters of production capacity each year after the completion of this project, which will help the company break through the production capacity bottleneck. We will significantly increase the production and business capacity of lithium-ion battery diaphragm, increase market occupancy, expand the scale of revenue from the main business, narrow the production capacity gap with leading enterprises in the industry, and further consolidate and enhance the company's dominant position in the area of lithium-ion battery diaphragm.

According to the China Battery Alliance, New Rice Technology is a high-tech enterprise that integrates the development, production and sales of lithium ion battery diaphragm. On January 16, 2015, Numi Technology was listed on the National share transfer system for small and medium-sized enterprises (new three boards).

Since listing, newmet technology has been three times targeted to raise funds. The first was a total of 22 million yuan raised in February 2016 to replenish liquidity. The second time was to raise a total of RMB 140 million in January 2017 to increase capital for Kunming Niumi, a wholly-owned subsidiary, and provide pre-project start-up funds for the company's 2 × 30 million M2 / year high-performance lithium-ion battery microporous diaphragm project(wet method). This targeted increase in raised funds for the third time.

In September 2017, in order to ensure the expansion of the production capacity of New Rice Technology, Yun Tianhua issued an announcement that it would transfer the shares of the holding subsidiary New Rice Technology 46 to Yun Tianhua Group, with a trading price of 397 million yuan. The controlling shareholder of New Rice Technology has changed from Yuntianhua to Yuntianhua Group.

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