Correct activation and charge and discharge method of lithium battery

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In the use of the lithium battery is that should be paid attention to in the battery placed after a period of time to enter a dormant state, capacity is lower than normal at this time, use time is shortened.but lithium battery is easy to activate, if after 3 to 5 times the normal charge and discharge cycle can activate cells, back to normal capacity.Due to the characteristics of lithium battery itself, determines its almost no memory effect.So new lithium-ion batteries in the user's phone in the process of activation, is don't need special method and the device.Is so in theory, not only from my own practice, from the start with a standard method to charge this way of "natural activation" is the best.

The correct lithium battery activation and method of charging and discharging:

For the "activation" of lithium-ion batteries, many say: charging time must be more than 12 hours, if you do this three times, in order to activate the battery.This "the first three time charge to charge more than 12 hours", apparently from nickel battery, such as nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride) continue down.So that, the outset misinformation, so to speak.Lithium-ion and nickel batteries charging and discharging characteristics have very big difference, and can be very clear tell you, I have looked at all serious formal technical data will emphasize overcharge and over discharge of lithium batteries, especially in the liquid lithium ion batteries caused great damage.And charging in accordance with the best charging standard time and standard methods, especially don't charging for more than 12 hours long.Usually, instruction for use on the introduction of charging method, is the standard of charging method.

At the same time, the charging takes a long time long, often need to be done in the night, and to power grid in China, many places are relatively high voltage in the night, and volatile.Have already said, in front of the lithium battery is very delicate, it is better than nickel electric resistance to fluctuation in charging and discharging ability worse, so it brings the risk of additional.

In addition, another aspect can not be ignored is the lithium battery is also not suitable for discharge, over discharge to the lithium battery is bad also.

The principle of battery remaining power run out to refill is not want you to extremes.As widespread and long charging a saying that is "try to put the power of battery run out, it is better to use automatic shutdown".The practice of this kind of practice is just nickel batteries, purpose is to avoid the memory effect, unfortunately it also in lithium battery of circulating on today.Due to the battery voltage is too low, caused by the excessive discharge that do not have normal charging and boot conditions.

On the right way of lithium-ion batteries:

Boil down to, I the most important problems of lithium battery charge and discharge in the use of tip is:

1, according to the standard time and procedure charging, even so will three times before;

2, when the power is too low, should try to start charging in a timely manner;

3, the activation of the lithium battery does not need special method, lithium battery activation naturally in normal use.If you are determined to use of "three times before 12 hours long charging activation" approach, in fact there will be no effect.

Therefore, all the pursuit of 12 ~ 16 hours long use the lithium battery charging and the practice of automatic shutdown, are wrong.If you've made according to the error, please correct in time, maybe it is not too late.


Original charger itself under the condition of good quality, protection and control circuit of lithium battery protection still has quite a guarantee.So the understanding of charging rules is the key, in some cases, also can make some concessions.For example, if you think the battery before you sleep at night must charge, you can also start charging before going to bed.The crux of the problem is that you should know what is the right thing to do, and do not deliberately according to error.

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