Global reserves account for 60 % of Qinghai to compete for lithium electricity "leader"

Aug 13, 2019   Pageview:145

1. Zhongli Group proposes to acquire 3.41 % equity of Bic Power with 350 million yuan


Zhongli Group announced that the company intends to acquire 3.41 <UNK> of Shenzhen Bike power battery Co., Ltd., which is held by Tibet Haozawa Trading Co., Ltd. with a self-financing capital of RMB 350 million. After the transaction was completed, the company's stake in Bic Power increased from 4.88 to 8.29. Bike Power is a company that has been deeply cultivated in the field of power batteries for many years, especially in the field of lithium batteries for ternary materials.


2.tesila announced that Model3 battery details have the highest energy density in the industry


Tesla claims that its car battery has one of the highest energy densities of any of its kind on the market and uses relatively little cobalt metal. Tesla designed the battery architecture for the Model3 model. It used the larger 2170 core and also cooperated with Panasonic to manufacture the battery at Tesla's Nevada Super plant No. 1.


3. Global reserves account for 60 % of Qinghai's struggle for lithium power "leader"


According to the "Patent Navigation Report for the Lithium Industry in Qinghai" released on September 19, 2017, the world's identified reserves of lithium resources are 34 million tons, and Qinghai Salt Lake's lithium resources account for more than 60 tons of global lithium reserves. According to the Qinghai plan, by 2025, the production scale of lithium carbonate in Qinghai Province will reach 170,000 tons per year, and the capacity of lithium battery core will reach 60 GWh per year. Among them, the power battery production capacity reaches 25GWh, 3C and energy storage battery production capacity reaches 35GWh per year.


4. Guangqi New Energy will produce batteries independently in the future


Guhuinan, director and general manager of guangqi's new energy company, said the company is developing batteries and will also produce batteries itself in the future and produce them in new industrial parks. Guangqi New Energy will not do all things, to join the partners around the cost down.


5.1 / 3 Enterprises have been eliminated from the power battery industry competition pattern changes


High costs and unbreakable energy density levels have become two of the most pressing hurdles for the power cell industry. Liuyanlong, Secretary General of China chemical and physical power industry association, said that between 2015 and 2017, the number of power battery-related supporting companies has dropped from 150 to about 100, which means that one-third of the companies have already been eliminated and the future industry competition will become more intense.


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