Lithium wants future collaborative development, the 3rd Asia Pacific Battery Exhibition is ready to go

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Pacific Battery Exhibition Press Conference was successfully held in Guangzhou. The conference reported on the preparations and new highlights of the 2018 Asia-Pacific Battery Exhibition.

As a new energy industry vigorously supported by the state, the world market for lithium batteries has created a new pattern. In 2017, China's power battery shipments reached 44.5 GWh, an increase of 12 % year-on-year. China's lithium battery market share has exceeded 60 %, completely surpassing Japan and South Korea and winning the first place in the world. Among them, the Sanyuan Power Battery has risen sharply, and the installed capacity has soared to 16.56 GWh, up 165 % year-on-year, and the installed capacity of the Ningde era, BYD, Wotema, Guoxuan Gaoke, Bic, and Funeng Technology has exceeded 1GWh. Star companies. It is expected that by 2020, the global size of lithium batteries will reach 450 billion yuan, by which time China's battery capacity will increase to 250 gigawatts and will occupy more than 70 % of the world's market share. In the future, China will dominate the global battery market, so it needs an international stage that is truly global. Based on this, the Asia Pacific Battery Exhibition is fully integrating government, companies, associations, media, technology and foreign resources to create an international procurement and trading platform for the battery industry facing the global market.

National authorities support

It is reported that the 2018 Third Asia-Pacific Battery Fair / Asian Power Battery and energy storage Technology Summit(abbreviation: GBFASIA2018, hereinafter referred to as: Asia-Pacific Battery Exhibition) is the most important theme exhibition of China International Energy Conservation, Storage and Clean Energy Expo and is directed by the National Energy Conservation Center. China Energy Conservation Association, China Environmental Protection Federation, Guangdong Provincial Energy Conservation Association, Guangdong Hongwei International Convention and Exhibition Group Co., Ltd., jointly organized by Guangzhou Shuoxin Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Battery Industry Network, was held on August 16-18 at the China Import and Export Commodity Fair. Area A was held, with a total area of 45,000 square meters. It is estimated that there will be 800 exhibitors at home and abroad and more than 35,000 visitors.

More than 800 famous enterprises are gathered, and thousands of new products are concentrated

According to the information released at the Asia Pacific Battery Exhibition press conference, more than 800 mainstream companies from more than 50 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, France, Russia, New Zealand, Canada, India and Bulgaria will participate in the 2018 Battery Exhibition. Including Ningde Age, lishen battery, Wotema, Yinlong, Xinwangda, Haishida, Yuhuang New Energy, Lions, Tianshi Energy, Tafeier, Xinli, Okuan, Lunda Group, Risheng Quality, Jinneng Hongsheng, Huiyi, Chilong, Yingfu, Tianyi, Oyuji, Topco, Juliyuan, Jinyuanhuanyu, Yingyeda, Jiuhua, Tieying, Mingji, Lithium-Valley, Volt Energy and other battery core companies, Pilot Intelligence, Hao Neng, Tian Wei Sai Li, Big Group Laser, Hua Yi Jin Ming, Hongbao Technology, Dudley Power Supply, Zhuang Ling, Yifei Laser, Huayang Multimedia, Yuan Fang, Die Kai, Bai Zan, Song De, Aoruite, Hong Kai, SuperSonics, Kejing Zhida, Gongchang and other equipment companies Weihai Xingyi, Haili Shares, Kaipuruite, Fuyi, Hubei Plastics Gold soft aluminum foil, Zhongding Copper foil, Fusen, Kaina Graphene, Bochuang, Na Dun, Mote, Fengyuan, lithium Shield and other battery material suppliers, Lierda, Keihin Electronics, Shenzhen Super Thinking and other battery management system providers, will also have GeniusTechnology, UnikorBattery, EVmeter, Hesse, TD-Lambda, Nippon LightMetal, PLEIADES, Puhler and many other overseas exhibitors participate in the display of products. The exhibition will gather excellent enterprises and high-quality products to provide opportunities for all-round trade exchanges in the industry and create opportunities and platforms for efficient exchanges and negotiations.

International Vision, Global Marketing, Acceleration of Internationalization of Asia Pacific Battery Exhibition

As the world's largest power battery production and sales, China occupies an important position in the world battery market. Internationalization and globalization have always been the concept of the Asia Pacific Battery Exhibition. The organizers have accumulated hundreds of thousands of overseas buyer resources and accurate databases through cooperation with foreign media, associations, embassies, exhibition conferences, etc., and can be peer-to-peer. Line invitations.

So far, the Asia Pacific Battery Exhibition has reached a consensus with the Pakistan Automobile Parts Association(54 visitors), the India Observatory(more than 50 visitors) and the Intercontinental Battery Foreign Trade Observatory(nearly 50 visitors). Meanwhile, The exhibition received many high-quality overseas from more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, India, Pakistan, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, the Philippines, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Jamaica, Romania, Spain, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Bangladesh. Buyer visits receipt receipt. International giants LG, Jaguar Land Rover, Tesla and other companies and Bangladesh's Ministry of Energy will visit the site to purchase.

As a weather vane exhibition for the development of the industry, the Asia-Pacific Battery Exhibition fully reflects the research and development direction of cutting-edge technology in the global battery industry today, and has played a good guiding role in promoting the development of the industry and promoting "China Smart Construction". The 2018 Asia Pacific Battery Exhibition(GBFASIA) will welcome another wave of industry development when it is held in the A area of the export and import commodities fair of Guangzhou·zhongguo on August 16-18.

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