How about lithium battery charge management chip CH 4054?

Aug 14, 2019   Pageview:109

The CH4054 is a single-segment lithium ion battery constant current / constant voltage linear charger. A simple external application circuit is very suitable for portable device applications. It is suitable for USB power supply and adapter power supply. The interior uses an anti-overcharging circuit and does not require an external isolation diode. Thermal feedback can automatically adjust the charging current to limit the chip temperature under high-power operation or high ambient temperature conditions.

The CH4054 charging cut-off voltage is 4.2 V, and the charging current can be set by the external Resistor. When the charging current drops to 1/10 of the set value, the CH 4054 will automatically end the charging process. When the input voltage is removed, the CH4054 automatically enters a low-current standby state, reducing the standby current to below 1uA. CH4054 can also be placed in shutdown mode when there is an input power supply, thereby reducing the operating current to 30uA.

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