The cobalt price fluctuates due to the shortage of NCM811 materials.

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In industry change the present situation, in 2018 to become high nickel material 811 outbreak of the first year?

In fact, because the car companies and the battery enterprises, the import demand for high nickel ternary material urgently, advancing speed accelerating, since the first quarter of this year, NCM811 material has present a serious short supply.

Industry data show that in the first quarter of 2018, the domestic ternary material production 31670 tons, up 64.26% from a year earlier.78% than conventional sliding model, NCM622 model accounted for 14%, NCM811 / NCA accounted for 8%.Including NCM811 production has soared.

Recently, Chinese academy of sciences Ming-gao Ouyang made clear that Ningde era, lishen battery, hin tech center a few teams from Japan and has been basically achieved 300 watts per kilogram power battery the research and development.

"Our expert panel on battery technology development trend of the judge made a optimization iteration (not as a basis for the national battery technology roadmap, for reference only)."Ouyang academician, said in 2020, when 300 watts of power battery than energy/kg, than when the power is 1000 w/L, recycling more than 1000 times, cost 0.8 yuan/Wh, this is certain.

And the present stage high energy density batteries for material is high nickel three yuan.

"You know we are now domestic from nickel, cobalt, manganese proportion 3:3:3 steering 6:2:2, again to 8:1:1, is gradually realize."Ming-gao ouyang stressed that nickel into 8, cobalt cobalt further down to 1, even further to 0.5.Negative to silicon carbon negative transformation from carbon negative, this is China's current power battery technology feasible direction change.

Jinyuan vote Monroe ku analysis, points out that once the logical trend to establish such a technology, then to the pure cobalt enterprise is a larger negative, and can lead to seesaw another head of nickel supplier the market value of ascension.

NCM811 accelerated the application in the field of power battery, also thanks to subsidies policy adjustment, the continued high price and quality, and the authors pressure needs.

According to the measure, after using high nickel materials, battery integrated unit costs decline is about 8% above the highest, cost advantage is obvious.Contradiction between supply and demand of cobalt price fluctuation is also helping manufacturers to low to high cobalt nickel products.

Of course, on the other hand, secretary general of the China nonferrous metals industry association cobalt industry branch ai-dong xu said on May 17th, no matter from weight percentage, or per KWH in terms of the amount of cobalt,The ternary lithium power batterySystem, the cobalt can reduce, but not impossible."Although per KWH with cobalt content gradually decreased, but the surge of base of new energy vehicles, still will increase the total demand to drive the cobalt".

Related to the listed company

When the high technology industry (300073) in 2018, the positive trend of nickel, industrial upgrading inevitably bring dividend period.Subsidies tend to be high range this year, more than 300 km car subsidy is not decreased, the positive demand prompted domestic NCM811 erupted, currently 811 orders in growth of the industry.NCM811, meanwhile, the positive price in 260000 yuan per ton, is higher than NCM622, gap between 2-30000 yuan, and the cost on NCM811 cobalt content is less, so the gross margin increase, this year have NCM811 enterprise will fully benefit from the positive sales ability.

When l technology companies the anode materials have been developing steadily, high nickel products improve profitability will gradually reflect.Strength of the company research and development team, in the field of power battery constantly upgrading products, series of layout, the current high nickel 811 already mass production, there will be a certain scale sales in 2018, is expected to firm profitability has a certain role.In small lithium electricity field, the company high voltage of 4.45 V cobalt acid lithium have mass production, and high voltage multivariate materials began a large-scale application.

At the same time, the new technology for the future, the company continues to focus on, such as solid-state batteries.The positive customer very high quality of the company, the global top 10 lithium electricity companies are when l technology customers.

Bullish on the outbreak of the new energy car sales, as well as high range orientation of high nickel anode to accelerate the industrialization, the contribution of high nickel products of the company will gradually reflect.

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