How to Awaken Sleeping Li-Ion Battery

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The lithium-ion batteries were introduced to the world as one of the first rechargeable batteries. Today these batteries are most commonly used by the portable electronic machines including electronic equipment and electric vehicles. And now, the market is even growing to military and aerospace field.


Lithium-ion Battery First Charge:

The Lithium-ion battery is much more reliable than the older technologies that were used in the old times such as Nickel-Cadmium. Plus they don’t suffer from the term called “Memory Effect”. These are not only environment-friendly but also have a higher energy density. Thus, these batteries can potentially store more energy than other rechargeable batteries with respect to their shape and size.

Furthermore, the batteries have a low discharge rate. This means that they are more likely to work longer once they are charged. However, these batteries require careful monitoring during the charging process. That’s why the chargers are designed specifically to handle a particular size of the battery. As a result, the Li-ion battery chargers are much more expensive than the older ones.

To charge the battery, you have to follow the steps below:

· Read the voltage by turning off the power source to the battery. It means to take the battery away from the appliance and then takes a reading from the voltmeter. If you drain too much then the Li-ion battery will go into sleep mode.

· Connect to a healthy battery which has the same voltage as the dead battery. Leave them be for up to 10-15 minutes but keep an eye on the battery to look for signs of heat and damage.

· Again read the voltage and hopefully, the reading will be better than before.

· Now charge and discharge the battery and freeze the battery using an airtight bag without moisture. Take it out after 24 hours and let the battery come back to a normal temperature within 8 hours.

· Now connect the battery with charger and charge it completely.

This procedure will improve the performance and you’ll have a good battery.


Lithium-ion Battery Repair Service:

There is no doubt that Large Power designs the best industry products but even they are vulnerable. Sometimes, extreme hot and cold temperatures have a negative impact on Li-ion batteries. But it can be fixed too. As they are rechargeable, you can contact a nearby battery repair service to carry out the task for you.

Lithium-ion Battery Charging Myths:

Whether it is phones or any other equipment that has a Lithium-ion battery, there are several myths about the rechargeable batteries which often confuse people. To make up for the adversaries, we have made up lots of myths and disbeliefs about the batteries. Whether it is leaving your phone on charge all night or switching your phone off to give it rest, we always come up with creative myths.

But if you pay attention, you will realize that half the things you say and think are meaningless. We made up things so that we can convince ourselves to maintain the performance of batteries. Thus, to bust out the common myths, we gathered some details from the experts all over the world. With their verdict, maybe you will stop spreading these folklores all around regarding the batteries.

Even When Your Battery is Full, There is Still some Room Left:

This is a true statement. Your phone’s battery capacity is more than it is displayed. This is done to increase the overall lifespan of the battery. It is a trade-off played by the manufacturers so that the battery stays usable for a long time without getting damaged internally.

Keeping Wi-Fi or Bluetooth On Drains Out Battery:

Yes, this is another myth that turns out to true. At first, it wasn’t believed that Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on laptop, computers, or watches affected that much battery. But you can see the difference yourself in just one day. If you leave them on, then they will keep running on the background and obviously eat up battery. You can save up the battery to keeping connected your phone to Wi-Fi and switching off the feature that is not in use. It is also possible to improve the battery if you keep the brightness moderate and locking phone in the minimum time possible.

Using Fake or Other Charger Damages the Phone:

Yet, another myth that turns out to be true. As we have mentioned above, the chargers are designed according to the batteries. As the phones are different, the charger capacity is also different. And if you use a fake charger or a charger from another brand, you might be damaging your device battery more than you realize. Some brands even notify you when the charger is not compatible with your device. This is done so that the optimal life and performance of the battery can be maintained.


Charging Your Phone With Laptop or Computer Will Damage the Battery:

It's utterly false. Charging that slowly might be good for the batteries. This fact goes to the Lithium ions. The slow process makes sure that there no over-strain put on the Lithium ions. Thus, there are fewer chances of potential damage to the batteries. You might have noticed, even the manufacturers place a limit on the devices so that they won’t charge instantly.

Powering Off Device Helps To Preserve Battery:

It is hard to believe, but this statement is false. This myth came into existence due to the old batteries which needed to fully discharge in order to be charged again. But Lithium-ion batteries eliminate this possibility. They are capable of reading their state. So, if you are not using your phone, the phone is metaphorically switched off thereby not draining any battery.

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