How to Repair Lithium Battery?

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Lithium batteries are one of the greatest options to make your portable devices work. These batteries offer not only convenient and longer charging durations but takes very less time to get charged every time. However, despite of being amazing at work, lithium batteries require extra care while using. The care is all about handling like looking at its charging time and not letting it getting hotter. However, the life is quite busy and we often forget to detach our batteries after putting them on charging. Due to this, sometimes, we end up damaging our devices. Some damages are easy to revive.

Another thing that you should know about repairing lithium batteries is to save money. If you have some basic tools and very basic skills, you can revive old lithium batteries taken out from old toys and devices and save a lot of money.


What You Do May Damage The Lithium Battery?

1.Overcharging the Lithium Batteries:

Lithium batteries are filled with enough content of lithium, a compound prone to be heated easily. Therefore, when batteries having lithium in it are charged for longer hours the ions of lithium element starts to travel too fast.  Too fast traveling of ions becomes the reason for overheating the lithium batteries. Now, if you don’t detach the batteries from charges these can end up sparking, blasting, or bloating.

2.Charging Bloated Batteries:

When you see lithium batteries are bloated or some liquid is discharging from them, using such batteries will not only damage devices but can be a cause of some major accidents. So another thing that can damage your lithium batteries is when you charge them for too long and try to use them even when these are swelled and bloated.

3.Storing charged lithium batteries:

One more reason that can damage your lithium ion battery is when you try to store a charged battery. Lithium ion batteries, when charged and not used, their self-discharge speed increases. This speedy discharge damages the overall health of lithium ion batteries. All the experts and professionals always advise not to charge and store them for more than some hours.

4.Using Heated Up Lithium Batteries:

When lithium batteries are charged or use for too many hours, they start to heat up. In such occasions, users are advised to uninstall them from the devices immediately and put them in refrigerators to cool down. When these batteries are not kept in refrigerators and kept on using despite being hot, they get damaged and require replacement or repair.

5.Cold Temperature Charging:

Another reason that can be the cause of damaged lithium batteries is cold temperature charging. Temperature below than 32 degrees Fahrenheit is considered low for the lithium battery temperature. Therefore, when you let your battery charging fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit again and again, the batteries get damaged.


How to Repair Lithium Battery Properly?

There are many occasions in which lithium ion batteries can be damaged and revived by taking immediate actions. Some of these conditions are discussed below:

1.It is getting heated-up quickly

2.It is not getting properly charged

3.It is draining faster

4.Battery is leaking

5.Is not accepting the charge

In all these conditions, use this step by step guide to revive or repair your lithium battery. Things you need:

A voltmeter, clippers, damaged battery, healthy battery, original charger, power source

1.Detach the device from power source immediately in which damaged battery is installed

2.Turn off the device and remove the battery from it

3.Use voltmeter to check the charging capacity and available charge in the battery (a different reading on the voltmeter than battery shows your battery is maybe gone in sleep mode).

4.Attach a healthy battery with damaged one by using battery clippers by attaching a positive point with negative and vice versa.

5.Wait for 10 to 15 minutes

6.Don’t leave the batteries alone rather than keep checking the signs on batteries continuously.

7.Now charge the battery and keep it in charge for three hours

8.Read the voltage again

9.After three hours, put this battery in a device with heavy load such as torch and let it drain.

10.Now, seal the battery in a vacuumed bag and place it in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

11.After 24 hours, bring the battery out of the refrigerator and place it in the room temperature to make it feasible with the room temperature.

12.Now charge the battery once again.

Your battery will start working for sure.

When Do You Need To Buy A New Lithium Battery?

If, after doing all the aforementioned steps don’t help in reviving your battery, you may need battery replacement. Some more conditions, in which you can require a battery replacement, are:

1.Lithium Ion Battery Is Bloated Up:

The first condition in which you need immediate replacement of the lithium batteries is when you see your battery has swelled. Actually, swelled batteries are not repairable and if used in such conditions, they can damage your devices. It can damage not only devices but will require device replacement as well. Therefore, instead of using, you need quicker replacements for lithium ion batteries.

2.Lithium Ion Battery Is Sparking:

One more condition, in which you will require lithium ion batteries replacement is when you find your batteries are sparking. A sparking battery can be the reason for some serious damages and accidents. Moreover, no matter what you do, the replacement is mandatory sparking batteries are hard to revive. Therefore, you must replace your lithium ion battery on an immediate basis.

3.Lithium Ion Battery Is Discharging Liquid:

Last but not least, the condition I want to discuss is, when your lithium ion battery starts to do fast self-discharging. In healthy lithium ion batteries, discharging speed is too slow. However, if you use fast liquid discharging liquid ion batteries, they will damage your devices and can cause swear accidents. So, instead of playing with fire, replace these batteries quickly.

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