Lithium-ion Battery Protection Circuit Reset

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What is the lithium-ion battery protection circuit?

The lithium-ion battery is one of the most effective and useable battery but on the other hand, it’s very sensitive. The battery manufacturer companies mention different instructions for the usage of lithium-ion batteries. Some manufacturers also provide a protection circuit for lithium-ion batteries. Many of the people don't know about the protection circuit and its availability.

Why the protection circuit is necessary:

If the lithium-ion battery overcharges or discharges, it will become warm and sometimes it becomes the reason for any bad incident. When you are using the battery and it discharges rapidly, it will also get warm quickly that also leads towards any of dangerous situation. The lithium-ion battery is on the high risk when it became warm because the lithium ions charge rapidly and at the end the battery blast or catching fire. So, the protection circuit is necessary for all the possible reasons for the following:


Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to temperature:

If you keep the lithium batteries in the open sun, it will rapidly get warm or instantly blast. The lithium batteries are temperature sensitive. So, first of all never keep it under the high temperature but if you use protection circuit, it may save it for a long time.

Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive of charge:

The lithium batteries are very sensitive as if they are overcharged, the risk of any unfortunate incident increases so, here the battery protection circuit works with it. Keep it safe from external contact with temperature and charge. Moreover, manage its battery life.

Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to storage places:

You can take it in any place because lithium batteries are also storage sensitive. Even when you fully charge the batteries, don’t let it like that but use it. If you leave it like that it may also leak from any place. The protection circuit protects storage sensitivity. Let’s also find out how to reset the lithium-ion battery protection circuit?

How to reset the lithium-ion battery protection circuit?

The lithium-ion batteries can be a charge and also reset. So, if your batteries are not charging, you must follow these steps and after these, the results are the same then you can throw them out.

Required tools and this:

1.Voltage meter



Step no 1: measure the batteries:

The first step is very simple and necessary. You have to check the actual voltage of the batteries with the help of the voltage meter. Check them even batteries show voltage goes down or almost zero that means you can’t charge them.

Step no 2: check the fuse

Right on the top, the fuse is located on every lithium battery. The fuse compresses because of metal particles and damage so, check it. Remember this; you have to do this process on your own risk. You can recover them and charge them, if they got hot that means they can use now.

Step no 3: Procedure

Take the screwdriver and go under the positive pole and push it down, now measure it again. If the battery shows high voltage that means it’s now reset and applies this procedure with all the other dead batteries.

Step no 4: Reset protection circuit

If the batteries start working after reset then you need to reset the protection circuit. Check the voltage by attaching the protection circuit with batteries. It will start working as the battery starts to charge.

Safety precautions:

1.Kids do not recommend this procedure.

2.Take the assistance of an expert before doing this process.

3.Do not pull with strong hands but with a light grip.

After the whole process of lithium-ion battery protection circuit reset, let’s check out the benefits of the protection circuit.


Advantages of lithium-ion battery protection circuit:

The protection circuit in the lithium-ion battery has the following benefits:

1.Temperature-sensitive decrease:

As we all know that the lithium-ion battery is temperature-sensitive but as it direct contacts with the external temperature, the specific liquid in the battery leak down. That liquid is used as the battery life. With the help of the protection circuit, the battery safe its life and keep it working for a long time.

2.Easy to store:

The lithium-ion batteries can be stored for a long time and its only possible if the protection circuit is connected with it. It helps to work efficiently but also stores the voltage in it.

3.Extremely low self-discharge:

Every battery has a similar self-discharge property as the passes all the batteries reduce their charging life. The lithium-ion battery also having self-discharge property but it's very slow but with the protection circuit, it becomes extremely low.

4.Easy to freight:

The lithium-ion batteries are restricted while traveling especially on the plane. The normal logic behind the restriction is that the lithium-ion batteries can become the reason of fire in the plane after overcharge. So, when you have a protection circuit, you can take many of the lithium batteries with you. Consider the protection circuit whenever goes on a plane or use another mean of traveling for safety.

5.Provide convenient usage:

The lithium battery is on risk when it overcharges but the protection circuit keeps it safe and provides effective use. After using the protection circuit, you can freely use it for a long time.

In short, use lithium-ion batteries for efficient and better use but don't forget to take the protection circuit with it. Moreover, it can be rest with the help of minor skills and techniques.


The lithium-ion battery is best for many reasons and it can be reset with the help of a small process. All you need it to consult with an expert or the person who already reset his batteries for better results. He will tell you about the safety precautions and the whole process. The lithium-ion battery is not only providing efficient work but also can reset. It’s not applicable for all the lithium batteries that is why it’s not recommended for all the dead batteries.

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