Can You Take Lithium Batteries on an Airplane?

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Lithium batteries also known as lithium-ion batteries or Lipo batteries are the most amazing and useful invention of science. It is serving almost all the industries by making use of electric devices easier. Now you can take anything with you anywhere without the worry that electric connections would be available there or not. Moreover, life of your cellphones and laptops has increased. Now you can use them for long hours and long periods of time. You can take less time in charging those devices. Well, this is all because of lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries are made of ions of lithium. Lithium has property to hold the electric current inside for longer periods of time without any problem.


However, another property that makes lithium batteries very fragile is they get hot too easily. Due to this reason, they need extra care on all occasions like charging batteries, using them and storing them for longer duration. Due to this reason, porting lithium batteries from one place to another has become difficult.

Therefore, we often listen to various questions on various occasions regarding porting lithium batteries. The biggest question crawling on the internet these days is Can You Take Lithium Batteries on an Airplane. Find out answer to this question in the lines given ahead:

Can I Take Lithium Batteries On A Plane 2019?

Due to being extra sensitive of heat, lithium batteries transportation via plans requires care and awareness. So, in order to find out if you can take Lithium Batteries on a Plane according to acts of 2019, you need to read the rules and regulations of the airways?and the amendments in it. Forget about whatever you know about rules and regulations of the airways?regarding lithium batteries transportation because in 2019 some serious amendments have been made in these rules:

Different lithium batteries come with different capacity. These capacities are based on the size of batteries as well as the amount of lithium content used in each battery. The higher the content of lithium is used in a battery the more unsafe it is for transportation. Therefore, batteries only with a limited amount of lithium content are allowed to be transported via plans.

According to recent amendments in the acts of lithium batteries transportation act now you have to fulfill the following conditions to transport them from one place to another by air:

· Batteries with lithium content equivalent to two grams can be transported by plan.

· Batteries must not be more than the capacity of 1000 Wh. is allowed to transport by air.

· Make sure the batteries you use are stored in the equipment related to them as you cannot transport naked batteries.

· You can hold these devices in hands, put in them in your baggage and carry them in the hand-carries.

· If you want to transport batteries in the original form without any device, these should be packed in their original packages from the manufacturers for safe delivery.

· The number of lithium batteries to be taken at one time also depend upon your profession because some people need more batteries while other requires less while traveling abroad

· Photographers can take up to twenty packed lithium batteries without devices because they need batteries to do their job and to make a camera work

· TSAs that are transportation security administrators, they can take two lithium batteries from one place to another at one time by air.

· If you are taking a device with you that require or have more than 1000 Wh. Power batteries inside, you need to see the regulation authorities first before transporting these batteries to take all the safety measures.

Why Are Lithium Batteries Allowed Or Not Allowed On Planes?

Batteries having lower amounts of lithium in them are allowed to be transported via plans because:

· Recently, US authorities banned opened laptops and devices having lithium batteries in them because of the intelligence reports that said terrorists can hijack plans. However, it is nothing to do with lithium contents in battery

· Secondly, you can take lithium batteries with 2 grams of lithium content and 1000 Wh. Power while stored in devices because batteries inside the cases hardly catch fire and are extremely safe to transport.

· However, these devices should be kept in the passenger compartments rather than the cargo holds because many batteries at one place at one time have more tendencies of catching fire even if they are packed in the devices.

· Another reason was given for devices with lithium batteries to be kept in passenger compartments because the fire can easily be seen and addressed from the plan.

· Lithium is prone to catch fire, therefore, it is considered as the safety risk to passengers and that's why it is not allowed to be had in plans while traveling.


What Type Of Batteries Are Not Allowed On Planes?

If you're planning to travel with devices having lithium batteries or taking independent lithium batteries while traveling by plan. You must know the type of batteries allowed on plans. Here is the list regarding types of batteries allowed on plans:

· Batteries with 2 grams of lithium content with 1000Wh power

· Alkaline batteries dry cells up to 9 volts

· Non-rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or primary lithium batteries that often come with cameras can be taken in planes. These batteries often used in cameras.

· If you have extended life laptops, you can carry lithium batteries stored in laptops from 8 grams to 25 grams of lithium content.

· Except for lithium batteries without the original packaging or installed in devices, all other batteries are allowed to be taken on planes.


Well, all the measures and rules against limited transportation of lithium batteries are made just for security and your safe traveling. Therefore, you must not argue with authorities to allow you to take lithium batteries with you in plane that don't fulfill the traveling rules. Also, try to obey these rules because, in planes, not just your security matters but life of hundreds of other passengers matters as well.

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