Standard Lithium Battery Sizes, Capacity and Applications

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The current technological world of ours basically lines on our electronic devices. The devices and technology we have is basically defining our modern era. And to power off this type of device is a proper power source is called comprehensive, but as per the fact that, the world and the technology of the world is becoming smaller and smaller. The need for the proper mobile energy storage device and system is highly seen in the market. Which need was mostly attended by the advantage of lithium ion and similar type of battery. This article is going to fill you up with the necessary informations about the different sizes and capacity along with the nature of their applications.

What are the standard sizes of lithium battery?

Lithium ion batteries or lithium polymer batteries and similar other lithium based battery is have made our modern world easy and just as the way we see it now. Every single one of our modern devices run on this type of battery and that is why the importance of lithium-ion batteries can never be neglected. There are several types and sizes for lithium battery.


The first one is the primary lithium batteries

This type of battery is what we see in the most common devices such as our portable music players or flashlights and many more. Search type of battery is basically concept 3.6 volts and available in the size of AA, AAA, C, D.

The second one is the photo lithium batteries

This type of battery is basically the three words are six words which are squad popular for the digital cameras for flashlights and many of the personal computer devices and memory backup. With the long lasting backup that they are capable to provide along with the higher amount of shelf life, these batteries have made their popularity for such type of devices.

28L, PX28L

This is a form of 6 volt non rechargeable cell which is suitable for most of the digital cameras. But this type of long lasting capacity non rechargeable battery has mostly the popular uses for the electronic dog collars and the invisible fences. Despite of being non-rechargeable, due to the hard performance capability and long lasting discharging capacity these type of batteries are quite used in many of the hardware devices.

CR14250SE 3 volt lithium battery

This type of battery has pins and connectors for establishing a connection of electric current. Also disturb battery is quite well known for the reliable services that their willing to provide along with long lasting performance.


The double size lithium batteries are basically 1.5 volt standard batteries which we see mostly in the market. This type of batteries are basically non-rechargeable and one of the best alternatives towards the traditional alkaline batteries. Most of our common portable devices such as flashlight or music player or the remote of the TV runs on alkaline batteries. but there was a problem with the uses of alkaline battery and that is lower amount of charge capacity. The lithium batteries of double A size has the capability for being used in the common devices along with providing the superior backup.


This type of lithium battery range is somewhere between 1.5 volt and 3.7 volt which is heavily used for many of the consumer electronic devices in the modern time.

9 volt lithium

This type of battery actually doesn't care about the size of the oval shape. This battery is purchased with one and one motivation only and that is the superior amount of our discharging capability and with higher density.

Does the size of the battery affect the capacity?

First of all, the capacity of a battery is basically measured in amp-h. And this measurement basically relies on the total mass that is presented in the active material inside the battery. If the battery is capable for holding more mass inside the container in a compressed are compact manner rather than a comparatively large size battery which has comparatively less mass of the total needed ingredients inside. In that case the small battery is going to be capable for providing more energy. Although it might be quite possible that the overall mass is going to depend on the overall size, which means the bigger the battery the bigger the mass, yet if in less mass the battery manufacturer is capable for providing the battery with more mAh, then obviously the battery is going to be capable for providing more energy in comparison with the larger batteries. But obviously when it comes to larger amount of differences of discharging abilities it has some effects over the size..


Applications of different standard lithium battery sizes


This type of battery is mostly used as the alternative for the traditional alkaline battery. When it comes to the average sales of battery more than 50% of the total market are basically of this size. And all of the devices which were previously using this type of alkaline batteries are now using this type of lithium batteries due to the higher amount of charge capacity.


Lithium batteries of this size are basically used for the small electronic devices such as the remote of the TV or many of the digital cameras and MP3 players. Basically the device which requires the same amount of voltage of 1.5 but required a higher amount of capacity for drawing electric current.

28L and similar:

This type of battery is mostly used for many of the heavy camera equipment for the durability of power backup. It also provides one of the extraordinary shelf life of 7 years.

Photo lithium batteries:

This type of battery is basically compact and also lightweight with the relatively higher amount of voltages. For those devices which require a larger amount of power and also small area to be consumed this is just the right choice.

9 volt

This type of battery is mostly used in the smoke detectors or similar other type of wireless devices for ensuring the best capacity provided. Remote control toys and similar other smaller devices who require a higher amount of voltage and also a compact power supply uses this type of battery.

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