You Should Know More About Rechargeable Battery 18650 Size

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Batteries are one of the most common things we use in our lives. We use them to power different kinds of electronic devices. They make our lives easy. The funny thing is that we don’t seem to care to know more about the different kinds of batteries that we use. In fact, most of the times we tend to go for the cheapest batteries available on the market. It is good to have the right information about the batteries that we use in our electronic devices and even those that we are looking forward to buying. In this article, we will focus on the rechargeable battery 18650 size. This battery is classified by its 18mm x 65mm size and is slightly larger than an AA battery. They’re often used to power to flashlights, laptops and other high-drain devices due to their superior capacity and discharge rates. The 18650 batteries are available in both flat and bottom top styles.


Most 18650 batteries will last between 300 and 500 charge cycles. However, the battery life can be extended far beyond the stated cycles if charged regularly before complete discharge. Batteries degrade over time, but you can get over a year or two of life from a 18650 battery depending on your use.

Is a 18650 battery the same as AAA?

We use batteries on a daily basis either for lighting reasons or to run different electronics. Therefore, we cannot do away with batteries. There are various types of batteries where some are rechargeable while others are non-rechargeable. Before you purchase any batteries for your electronic device, it is vital to know which batteries are appropriate for use.

Some of the most common batteries that can are easily available on the market are 18650 and AAA batteries. Many people don’t know which one to use in case one has the option for using either of the two. However, this really depends on your needs and sometimes your location. You may decide to go for the AAA battery or a 18650 battery.

Various factors distinguish between a 18650 battery and the triple-A battery.

The 18650 is great for high-drain devices such as the flashlight. Therefore, if you want batteries that will power your LED flashlight for long hours, then you should pick 18650 batteries. These batteries have a long run time when compared to AAA batteries. Moreover, even when you decide to use 3xAAA batteries, you will not get a lumen of 1000 and the runtime will still be much less when compared to using just one 18650 battery. A 18650 battery can give you 1000 lumen and more runtime. This is because there is a difference in amps between the two types of batteries. In most cases, it is said that 3xAAA batteries are equivalent to one 18650 battery.

Cost is another factor can be used to distinguish the two types of batteries. The AAA batteries are cheaper than 18650 batteries. Therefore, if you are looking for batteries while on a low budget, then the AAA batteries are great for you. However, you would have to settle on low runtime. When buying any types of batteries, you need to be sure you are buying from a top brand.

Also, there is a difference in size between these two batteries. One 18650 battery is equivalent to 3xAAA batteries placed in a series. Thus one 18650 batter is longer than one AAA battery. You can either use one 18650 battery or 3xAAA batteries to power your torch.

The 18650 and the AAA batteries differ in capacity too. an AAA battery has a capacity of 1Ah while one 18650 battery has a capacity of 3.5 Ah. When 3xAAA batteries are placed in a series, they still provide a capacity of 1Ah. Therefore, it’ clear that the 18650 battery delivers a capacity that is three times greater than that of three AAA batteries.

18650 batteries are rechargeable and most of them are made of lithium-ion. That’s why sometimes, you will find them being referred to as lithium-ion 18650 batteries. On the other hand, AAA batteries are available in both rechargeable batteries and non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. You need to note that whatever types of batteries that you purchase, ensure that you buy the right charger for them. Additionally, you should not let your 18650 battery to drain all its power before recharging since recharging it may be impossible as the battery will be damaged.

Are all 18650 batteries the same?

18650 batteries are not all the same. They come with several differences, however, their main similarity is their nominal voltage of 3.6-3.7, depending on the chemistry.

18650 batteries are available as either protected or unprotected 18650 batteries. The protected batteries have a small electronic circuit integrated into the cell packing. The purpose of the cell is to protect the battery against various dangers, such as overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit and extreme temperature. The protected 18650 batteries are considered safer to use in your devices compared with the unprotected ones. This is because they are less likely to ignite can cause personal damage or property damage.

Most protected 18650 batteries have various components including PTC which protects against overheating and indirectly over current, CID or pressure valve which disables the cell permanently if the pressure is too high in the cell probably due to overcharging, and PCB which protects against over-discharge, overcharge and over current depending on the design. The PCB resets automatically or when placed in a charger.

On the other hand, the unprotected 18650 batteries do not have an electronic circuit in the cell packaging. Hence, they have more capacity and current capability than the protected batter. However, they are more likely to overheat, short circuit or over-discharge. Unprotected 18650 batteries are also cheaper than the protected ones.


How to test rechargeable battery 18650 properly?

To test rechargeable 18650 battery you need to use the right tester. There are different models of testers on the market, thus the key thing is two find a tester that will work well with your 18650 battery.

Before a battery can be used, it must fit in the equipment. 18650 batteries come in different size variations. The protected batteries are longer because of the protection circuit, and sometimes there is also an added button top.

Usual 18650 batteries are rated with capacity. The value is not fixed value but depends on the testing conditions. You can test at different currents. Also, the capacity will depend on what voltage is required where some equipment work well at 2.8 volts, while others need more voltage.

You can also use the time to look at the capacity in terms of how long it takes to empty the battery at different currents.

You can also look at the energy which includes both current and voltage in the measurement. Energy is a better indicator of what the battery can do.


Now you know a few more things about the 18650 batteries. These batteries are not the same as the AAA batteries and have more advantages than AAA batteries. AAA batteries much cheaper, but they don’t offer much runtime. Alternatively, 18650 batteries offer a longer runtime and can provide higher lumens of even up 1000 in your LED flashlight. 18650 batteries are not all the same. Some are protected while others are unprotected. The protected ones are longer than the unprotected ones.

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