Old LiPo Battery – Common Dispose

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Lithium polymer batteries or most commonly known as LiPo batteries are the most common battery that is being used in many consumers' devices. They are most popular because they can be used for a long time and produced high power.

There are a few reasons that LiPo batteries are most commonly preferred such as because they are lightweight, and can be adjusted to various shapes and sizes. This is also balanced with their ability to produce a high discharge rate and they are also able to maintain a consistent voltage or power output.

Even tho there are a lot of advantages to these types of batteries,  there are many instances where LiPo batteries are caught on fire. Most of the fire start from LiPo batteries that are inferior grade. If you use a premium grade battery, then you will not have to worry about using it since they have undergone several tests before the product is marketed.


When do you throw out LiPo Batteries?

Unfortunately, despite the usage of LiPo batteries, they also have a very limited number of cycles. After that you will find their discharge ability began to reduce.

If you accidentally damage a LiPo battery, should you replace them? The answer is yes. However, if you found your LiPo battery has a dent or puffs up on you you need to check them.

You can check them using a LiPo checker first to see whether you should replace them. If the reading results of cell voltage are too varied, then it means that you have damaged the battery as well. If the cell is fine, all you have to do is to charge it at a very slow charge it at a slow rate in a fireproof location. You can then use the battery. However, be very careful especially in the first charge cycles.

If you decided to dispose of your batteries, the first thing that you have to do is you have to drain out all of the electrical charges of the battery. However, if your LiPo battery has suffered some physical damage, then it is best not to drain it.

The next step that you can do is to connect to your LiPo battery to a light bulb. Avoid using LED bulbs. The reason is that they have a forward voltage, which stops will stop charging after they reached a certain level. The best way to use it is to use Halogen bulbs.

After you have ensured that the battery is completely drained by checking the voltage, all you need to do is to pack it in a safe container and then bring it to the nearest recycle center.

Can you use old LiPo Batteries?

The answer is yes, you can use your old LiPo batteries. However, there is always a risk contained by using old LiPo Batteries.

LiPo batteries do not have an expiry date that is labeled on them. Old batteries might not be able to perform as well as the new ones. Now it is all up to what you intend to use them for. If they have been sitting unused for quite a while, then you need to first check whether it still has a good capacity or not. First, you need to inspect whether the battery has puffed up, or damaged.

If they are not, then the next thing that you can do is to judge the battery’s performance. The sign of the battery not performing well is; the battery is not able to hold it’s maxed voltage after charge, and it has a declined run time because it’s declining ability to hold mAh.

If you do not mind the reduced battery performance, then you can use them on a LiPo checker to see their cell voltage reading results. Again, the reading is varied, then better not use it.

Restoring old LiPo Battery

There are a lot of techniques that you can use to restart your old batteries. This does not necessary mean that you are able to fix a broken battery. The battery itself still has to be in its best capability.

Another important thing that you should note is that LiPo batteries should never be discharged below 3.0 V/cell.

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Here are the steps that you need to do in order to get your LiPO battery back to life:

1.You need to have a charger can charge and balance multi-cell packs which have the ability to control the charge current.

2.The next thing that you can do is you can start charging them. While you charge your LiPo batteries, you should never leave them unattended. There are many cases in which LiPo batteries catch on fire. You need to consistently monitor their temperature, whether their temperature has increased or not. You can also place them in a fireproof charge container.

3.Start charging it at a lower charge rate and increase them gradually.

4.After they are fully charged, ensure that it is going to be used as soon as possible. The longer you charge them and leave them, the worse it is going to be for the battery to be able to get themselves back to normal.

Once you start using them, monitor their charge cycles especially after a few initial uses. Ensure that the batteries are not puffed during discharging or charging. If it does, then it means that the internal resistance of the battery is too high for normal use.

Even tho you have successfully recovered your battery, you should remember that there is a huge chance that there are permanent decrease incapacity or even maximum discharge rate. This is because the internal resistance of the battery might have increased, and cause some permanent damaged on the battery itself. Additionally, you might have found there is a reduced longevity over-discharged LiPo batteries.

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