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There are lots of things that require some kind of safety precautions in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. All of such items that need to be handled through some kind of security does not mean that they are totally dangerous to use, but it means that under some particular circumstances, they need to be handled carefully to prevent the possible hazardous outcomes that can occur by them.

Similarly, there are some safety precautions that should be taken related to lithium-ion batteries, otherwise, they can offer severe damages which you may never have suspected.

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Is lithium-ion battery hazardous?

There could be some situations under which some items can offer hazardous scenarios. Similarly, lithium-ion batteries can also be hazardous in some situations.

Lithium-ion batteries are not much convenient if the temperature in a particular environment goes too much high. The compound exists in lithium-ion batteries are not much friendly with the high temperature because they start to react chemically inside, which can cause a fire. The high temperature intensively reacts that compound which starts to offer fire, and it could be so intense that it can burn almost everything near it. Additionally, the low pressure of air can also cause a reaction in the compound existed in lithium-ion batteries. It highly gets affected by the low air pressure which can also produce fire inside the compound. All of these things highly declare that lithium-ion batteries are quite hazardous in some situations.

Is it OK to fully discharge a lithium-ion battery?

Most of the people think that they should fully charge lithium-ion batteries so that they can use them for a long time period. They usually do this when they have to travel a lot and they may not find any power source during their whole journey. In this case, they think that they should fully charge their lithium-ion batteries so that they can utilize them for a long time period, but they don’t understand that this activity can cause them severe damages. When you fully charge a lithium-ion battery, then the ion particles inside the battery does not get any way to travel from anode to cathode. There appears a rush of ions inside the battery that can cause collision among these particles. In this case, there is a huge chance that the lithium-ion battery catches fire and burns everything that is near to the battery. So, it is never better that you fully charge the lithium-ion battery. You should always let a free space in the battery so that the ion particles and easily and freely travel inside the battery and they can also be discharged in an appropriate amount which is required for the proper working of a lithium-ion battery.

What are the safety requirements for handling and storing lithium batteries?

To prevent lithium-ion batteries from severe damages, it is important that you should take some of the precautionary measures and values all the time. You should not avoid these rules or we can say that adopt all those things that are prohibited regarding safety concerns of lithium-ion batteries.

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So, here are some of those safety requirements that you should adopt to handle and store the lithium-ion batteries:

· Place them in the right way

One of the most essential requirements that you have to fulfill regarding the safety of lithium-ion batteries is placing them in the right way. Most of the time it happens that people place the battery from the wrong side which can severely damage them and make them totally useless. So, make sure to read out the manual general available in the box or bag in which battery was packed and use them in the way as described in the user manual.

· Never overcharge them

Another thing that can harm the lithium-ion battery is overcharging. Most of the time, it happens that people keep the lithium-ion batteries on charging for an almost whole night. This activity can severely harm them and make them useless. In fact, if the lithium-ion battery’s temperature goes much high because of overcharging, then there is a huge chance that it gets fire and burn everything that is near to it.

· Never keep them in high temperature

Another thing that you always have to make sure related lithium-ion batteries never keep them in high temperature. Some of the time it happens that you keep the battery insider some environment where the temperature may go too much high after some time. This thing can highly affect the lithium-ion battery and causes into a fire

· Don’t let them wet

Another safety requirement that you have to follow in order to keep lithium-ion batteries safe is never to get them wet in any case. Never ever let the lithium-ion battery to get wet through water or any other liquid that can get inside the chemical of the lithium-ion battery. In this way, the chemical inside the lithium-ion battery can be damaged and the battery may stop work at all.

· Keep them in a secure, cool and dry place

Another most important safety requirement that you have to follow is keeping the lithium-ion battery at the safe place. Besides the thing that you avoid high temperature or liquid substances away from the lithium-ion battery, it is important that you keep them safe from the direct damages that can happen because of any kind of hit. In this case, you should have to keep them in any kind of case or solid cover that can protect the lithium-ion battery from a kind of strong hits. Also, place it at some cool and dry space, for the safety concerns of high temperature and liquid exposure. These hits or exposures can severely damage the battery due to which it can stop working at all.

Well, above has described some of the precautionary measures of lithium-ion batteries that you should have to take. Consider all of these safety concerns and make sure to keep your lithium-ion batteries safe in all kind of situations.

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