Lithium Sulphur Battery Advantages And Disadvantages

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Day after day, technology has advanced. Everything is heading for incredible development in its own niche that nobody can use the previous models and equipment anymore.

Likewise, battery technology has also occurred in recent years. Compared to the batteries used in the past, batteries that are being used these days are very powerful and effective. We offer better efficiency, better longevity, and faster rate of charging. Lithium Sulphur is one of those commonly used batteries.

What is the battery of Lithium Sulphur?

It's a kind of rechargeable battery, popular because of its high explicit energy. The low lithium nuclear load and a moderate sulphur load indicate that lithium sulphur batteries are generally light about the water thickness. They were used on solar powered aircraft trip at the highest and longest altitude in August 2008.


Because of their higher energy and reduced expense from sulphur use, lithium sulphur batteries can succeed lithium ion particles. The best lithium sulphur batteries currently offer explicit energy at the request of 500 W, which is substantially higher than most lithium ion batteries of 150 to 250 W. No Lithium Sulphur battery was available for industry in the middle of 2014 but now it can easily be available in the market.

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What Are The Advantages Of Lithium Sulphur Battery?

There are so many advantages of lithium sulphur batteries over other batteries. Some of which are discussed below;

  • One of the benefits of high energy density Lithium Sulphur batteries. Compared to normal electronic equipment such as mobile phones, there are some devices that need more energy density. They need that energy to be able to work properly. In this case, lithium sulphur is too advantageous because it is capable of offering the energy density needed for such appliances as cars. Such devices are properly supported by these batteries so they can function well.

  • Lithium Sulphur batteries need little maintenance compared to the other batteries such as lithium ion batteries. These are known to be the most resilient batteries that are not easily damaged in harsh environments and last a few years longer than lithium ion batteries.

  • Self-discharge is one of the most important issues that many batteries offer. They automatically discharge even if they are not connected to any devices. In this situation, if they stay unused for a few months, due to their self-discharge assets, they will lose all of their charges. While this approach does not work for Lithium Sulphur batteries. They don't discharge their own power itself which is quite a biggest advantage of lithium sulphur batteries.

What Are The Limitations Of Lithium Sulphur Battery?

As everything has some advantages and limitations, in the same way lithium sulphur batteries also have some limitations which are mentioned below;

  • Transportation of Lithium Sulphur batteries is one of the major limitation. Because of the chemicals used in them, nearly every airline company restricts lithium sulphur batteries to carry in the aircraft.

  • Lithium Sulphur batteries, relative to other batteries, are quite costly. This is another limitation of these batteries. You will buy nearly 2 to 3 lithium ion batteries as much as you get a Lithium Sulphur battery at the same cost.

How Do You Use Lithium Sulphur Battery Properly?

It is very important to know how to use lithium sulphur batteries for which it is necessary to understand the working of lithium sulphur batteries.

During discharge, chemical processes in the lithium sulphur cell incorporate lithium disintegration from the anode surface and invert lithium plating into the anode during charging. This thing is different from conventional lithium ion batteries, where in the cathodes and anode the lithium particles are intercalated.

Can molecule of sulphur may have two particles of lithium. Usually, lithium-ion batteries produce only 0.5 to 0.7 lithium particles per atom, while lithium sulphur provides much higher capacity for lithium processing.

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Lithium Sulphur batteries ' key difficulties are poor sulphur conductivity and its gigantic volume changes after discharge. The first step towards the commercialization of Lithium Sulphur batteries is to find the appropriate cathode. Most scientists are therefore using a lithium anode and a carbon / sulphur cathode. Sulphur is quite inexpensive, but electroconductivity is not available. The carbon cap gives the sulphur the lack of electroconductivity. Carbon nanofibers provide a successful way of conducting electron and a higher cost of structural integrity.


One problem with the lithium sulphur configuration is that when the cathode sulphur absorbs lithium, the volume of LixS composition expands while Li2S ' anticipated volume development is nearly 80% of the first sulphur volume. It allows the cathode to have immense mechanical weights, which is a primary reason for rapid degradation. This method decreases the carbon-sulphur interaction and restricts the movement of lithium ion to the carbon layer. The lithiated sulphur elements ' mechanical properties are highly dependent on the lithium content. The value of lithium sulphur elements increases with the expansion of lithium material.

One of most Lithium Sulphur cells ' critical defect is an unwanted electrolyte reaction. While in most electrolytes Sulphur and Li2S are usually insoluble, many polysulfides are not. This induces permanent loss of dynamic sulphur by dissolving Li2S into electrolytes. Using very sensitive lithium as a cathode makes most of the other electrolytes that are commonly used to isolate.


Thus it is concluded that, in the modern world where everything is revolutionizing the world of batteries are getting advanced day by day and lithium sulphur batteries are one of those inventions which is used where high energy density is required. However, it does have some limitations as it is not allowed to transport large amount of lithium sulphur in air planes due to safety concerns and expensive batteries as compared to other batteries but its advantages cannot be neglected as it plays an important role in revolutionizing batteries and their usage. Furthermore, it can be advanced too in the upcoming years so that it become cost effective and people can use it easily in their high tech devices like cars etc and electronic gadgets too.

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