Lithium Batteries On Planes-Taking, Quantity And Types

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With the rapid development of lithium battery technology, the application field of lithium battery is more and more extensive. Lithium battery is indispensable for our daily life. We use lithium battery in mobile phones, cameras and computers. Therefore, most of the time, we have to carry these lithium-ion batteries with us for convenience. However, lithium battery has certain danger. It may cause some security risks, especially for aircraft.

Can you take lithium batteries on planes

Lithium batteries are regarded as dangerous goods by air transportation, because once they are overheated or short circuited, they are easy to cause fire, which is devastating for aircraft. However, this does not mean that you can't bring lithium batteries to the plane, but there are some related precautions you need to know:

·Electronic equipment with lithium batteries (especially lithium ion batteries and lithium metal batteries) should be placed in carry-on luggage. If these devices are in checked baggage, they should be completely closed to prevent accidental start-up, and you need to package them to prevent accidental damage.

·Spare lithium batteries, electronic cigarettes and exhaust devices must be carried with you, and protective measures should also be taken. Passengers carrying these devices with them should protect them from damage, accidental start-up or short circuit. In order to prevent battery short circuit, passengers carrying spare batteries should pack the batteries in the manufacturer's packaging or tape and place them in separate bags.

·Damaged, defective or recalled batteries cannot be carried in checked baggage or carried on the plane as carry-on luggage unless they have been certified safe by the airline. Because these batteries may heat due to failure, they are prohibited from being transported by air in order to prevent fire accidents and even other dangerous accidents.

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In short, lithium batteries can be taken on the plane. But because it is

Dangerous, we must take corresponding safety measures to prevent accidents caused by battery failure.

How many lithium batteries can you take on planes

Although lithium-ion batteries can be brought into the aircraft, airlines still impose restrictions on the carrying of batteries, which are reflected in the size and quantity of portable lithium-ion batteries.


Firstly, to introduce the size limit of carrying battery, the lithium content of lithium metal battery carried by passengers should not exceed 2g, and for lithium-ion battery or lipo battery, it should not exceed 8g. The portable rechargeable lithium-ion battery can't exceed 100 watt hours. The above two restrictions might seem to be quite strict, but in fact they cover almost all types of batteries used in our daily electronic devices. In addition, passengers will be able to carry up to two extra large spare lithium batteries (lithium metal battery: 2-8g, lithium-ion battery: 101-160wh) with airline approval. These extra batteries include larger laptop batteries or batteries for professional audio-visual equipment.

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Then, to introduce the quantity limit of carrying battery, actually, there is no quantity limit on the most lithium batteries which can be taken on the plane. But these lithium batteries cannot be idle. They must be in use or installed in electronic devices. For spare lithium batteries, which has been mentioned above, passengers can only carry two large size spare lithium batteries at most. These spare batteries should also be properly kept. Passengers must pack them in the manufacturer's package or wrap the battery terminals with tape, and pack the packaged batteries in bags or other protective bags. Although airlines have no restrictions on the quantity of lithium batteries that can be carried on plane, they explicitly prohibit carrying batteries for further sale or distribution, such as vendor samples. To sum up, you can carry a large number of lithium batteries, but they must be installed in your portable electronic device or packaged as a backup battery, and you can only carry up to two spare batteries. Besides, these batteries cannot be used for further sales or distribution.

What type of battery is allowed on planes

Including the lithium batteries mentioned above, there are many kinds of batteries that you can carry on board the aircraft. The article will list them as follows:

·Dry cell alkaline battery, this kind of battery belongs to disposable battery, they are specially used for small electronic equipment. The main types of batteries are AA battery, AAA battery, button battery, etc.

·Dry cell rechargeable batteries, they are included nickel cadmium batteries and nickel hydrogen batteries, which are mainly used for flashlights or other common electronic devices that can be used on plane. These batteries must be installed in electronic equipment or packaged properly after they are brought into the plane.

·Rechargeable lithium batteries, such as lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries, are mainly used in mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices. Each lithium battery carried by passengers is limited in size and power (lithium content is not more than 8g, power is not more than 100wh), and these batteries must be installed in the equipment and carried as carry-on luggage. With airline approval, passengers can also carry two larger rechargeable lithium batteries (lithium content 8-25g, power 101-160wh), but these batteries must be properly packaged to prevent short-circuit and fire.

·Disposable lithium batteries, such as lithium metal batteries and primary lithium batteries, are mainly used in small electronic devices such as cameras. Airlines have also limited the size of this disposable battery, which can't contain more than 2g of lithium.

As checked baggage will be left unattended on the aircraft, airlines have banned all spare lithium batteries and spillable wet batteries from being carried in checked baggage. However, in addition to these two types of batteries, most of the batteries in carry-on luggage can be placed in checked luggage.

Hope you can find this article helpful.

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