Battery To Battery Charger-Introduction, Working And Charging

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Whether it is an emergency light, mobile phone or vehicle you are having, batteries are in extensive use everywhere. Chargeable batteries are being used in various appliances. The battery’s importance is lying in the fact that it is electricity to carry along.?

However, when you are on your vehicle around, it is going to produce a huge electricity amount from the alternator that can be used to charge your auxiliary batteries. A battery to battery charger can be one of the most effective ways for this job. It is because it can create a multi-stage charge from the simple voltage system that is being provided by the alternator for the leisure batteries.

When it comes to a battery to battery charger, then various people around don’t know about what a battery to battery charger actually is and how it works. Let’s dig deep into the battery to battery charger introduction here to get a better idea about this.?

What is a battery to battery charger?

A battery-to-battery charger that is also known as a DC to DC charger is meant to help you to charge an auxiliary battery from an alternator when you are driving. These are going to be installed in-line between both of batteries’ positive terminals. However, one of these is going to be connected to the alternator, this is normally a starter battery.?

A battery to battery charger has the ability to offer you multiple benefits when you are going to compare it with traditional split charge systems that are utilizing a VSR (Voltage Sensitive Relay) or a heavy-duty ATR (Alternator Triggered Relay).?

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Some important factors to know about a battery to battery charger?

When it is about a battery to battery or DC to DC charger, then you must know what makes it different or even preferable as compared to traditional split charge systems. So, let’s have a look at some important factors about battery to battery chargers to know more in this regard:

1.A 100% Recharge Of Your Leisure Battery?

Direct Alternator charging that is being used in a Split charge system based on VSR (Voltage Sensitive Relay) can achieve a charge state of about 80%. It is because VSR allows charge to pass from alternator to the leisure or auxiliary battery directly.

However, on the other hand, a battery to battery charge will take the alternator output as well as reduce or boost alternator output to maintain a stable output of voltage as per a multi-stage charging profile.?

This is going to offer a 100% recharge for the auxiliary battery in a better and controlled way. Typically, it can help the battery to achieve this charging state faster as compared to a direct alternator charger.

2.Current Flow?

Current flow can be limited due to the current rating of the charger, that can eliminate high-in rate current that is potentially damaging. It more often allows the smaller connecting cables’ use than with a Voltage Sensitive Relay based split charge system.?

3.A Reliable Solution?

Considering a battery to battery charger is a reliable solution only if you are intended to re-charge a second battery in your modern vehicle which is having an ECU controlled alternator that is known as a Smart Alternator.

These are normally having a variable output voltage that can be low to provide a charge in a regenerative braking systems case or these are so high that can damage some of the battery types.?

Due to this high variability in the voltage output VSRs are not being considered as a suitable option to use for smart alternators.?

4.Easier To Install?

A battery to battery charger is normally pretty easier and simpler to install. This can be engaged or disengaged automatically when the engine is going to start or stop to ensure batteries are isolated and will not discharge each other.?

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How do battery to battery chargers work?

All battery to battery chargers works on the same principle. They will be connected to the starter battery to pull as much power as these can safely. This will allow the alternator to work hard to keep up with power draw, just like to turn on the stereo and bunch of lights in the car.?

However, the battery charger will utilize this power and step up the voltage and can increase it to the level of appropriate absorption for your auxiliary battery. The real efficiency and power in the battery charger comes from this step.?

However, all of the Battery to battery charger are meant to ensure that the starter batteries don’t get drained faster as compared to the alternator that is charging it. Meanwhile, this can be done by limiting the drop of voltage normally around 13.1 volt to ensure that the starter battery can stay topped off effectively.?

While, if you have the ability to afford some upfront cost and relying on the electricity to move on the road. Then investing in a battery to battery charger is one of the very first things you should consider for a standard isolator upgrade in your system.?

Will a battery charger charge a completely dead battery?

Generally, a battery doesn’t get dead until there is a bad alternator. However, if your battery is off for just a few months, jump start your car initially and get around for a while. If the battery starts to charge then it’s ok, otherwise you can contact the retailer from where you have bought this to get it charged.?

However, keep in mind the fact that you can charge your battery with a battery charger until your vehicle is able to start only. Otherwise replacing can be an option for you to consider.?

Final Thoughts?

Battery to battery charger can be one of the best tools to charge leisure batteries from the excess power that is being produced by alternator. If your battery gets dead, you can use the battery to battery charger to charge it and can drive around your place even to test whether your alternator is in good condition or not.?

Overall, a battery to battery charger is an efficient tool to charge batteries and keep alternator in its best state.


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